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  1. sammy1

    sammy1 Silver Member

    Hi first day doing atkins, starting a diary to help keep me on track, hope to post most days, any
    feedback is welcome.....

    B 2 bacon and 1 egg,
    Did not have any veg, nothing in the house

    L. Tuna mayo salad..... real mayo yum

    D. Burger stuffed with blue cheese wrapped in lettuce (so I could pick it up, only way to eat a burger) salad and coleslaw

    Snacks cheese

    2 litre water

    How does that sound, prob did not have enough veg, net carbs for the day 14.
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  3. sammy1

    sammy1 Silver Member

    Think I will head for a bath nd bed, DH has just opened a hugh bag of crisps, they are my downfall...
  4. Kat1e

    Kat1e This is for life

    Hi sammy and welcome to atkins:)
  5. sammy1

    sammy1 Silver Member

    Well day 2 nearly over, got a few craving mid afternoon but drank some water, post say thus helps. Also had coffee with sweeter! Never drink sweet coffee.

    B omlette with cheese pepper and courgette

    L salmon pate with salad

    D chicken stroganoff with cauli mash

    S blue cheese and cream in coffee
    Worked carbs out as 18

    Carbs more today, still struggling with water
  6. DeliciousBoo

    DeliciousBoo Is a woman on a mission.

    Good luck with the weight loss...I found by the end of day three my cravings had gone and it became so much easier. x x x
  7. sammy1

    sammy1 Silver Member

    Tanx hope I am the same. X
  8. sammy1

    sammy1 Silver Member

    Hi all day three nearly over. Found it easier to drink the water, bought a 1litre bottle and going to keep refilling it,
    B bacon, egg , low carb sausage (my local butcher makes them)
    L salmon pate (same as yesterday made way too much will b eating it for the next few day) with salad
    D fish pie topped with cauliflour mash

    DH pie was topped with mashed potato and I didn't even taste it, I luuuuurve mash potato. No real craving today but feel I ate too much, but want to get cravings under control.
  9. Busybusy

    Busybusy Gold Member

    Hi there Sammi so lovely to read your diary, it's day 3 for me too. I'm exactly the same not feeling at all hungry and just trying to keep up the water intake. So glad I found a fellow newbie to x. G'luck x.
  10. Busybusy

    Busybusy Gold Member

    Could I get your salmon pate recipe to please?
  11. sammy1

    sammy1 Silver Member

    It is really simple to make

    200gr smoked salmon, cut into small pieces
    200gr tinned salmon
    300gr Philadelphia full fat
    Cayenne pepper to taste, I like a lot

    Pile the whole lot in a food processer and pulse til smooth.

    Pop in fridge until it is firm, about an hour.
    I spread it on iceberg lettuce, and pretend it is a wrap!!!
  12. Busybusy

    Busybusy Gold Member

    Sounds good, thanks x.
  13. sammy1

    sammy1 Silver Member

    Hi hope you enjoy it, trying to eat all the things I couldn't eat when I was doing ww and sw...... Not missing the carbs. What do you like to eat the most?
  14. slaj

    slaj Gold Member

    Oh like the sound of salmon pate , thanks for posting :)
  15. Busybusy

    Busybusy Gold Member

    We have mainly homecooked meals so atkins is ideal as anything is easily adapted. I'm love spicy food, so indian, pakistani, nepalese, LURVE Thai and any oriental. But then I also good old fashioned sunday roasts and pies and cheeses. We have mainly curries but I just love a good variety food :D.

    And you?
  16. sammy1

    sammy1 Silver Member

    We love anything spicy Asian or moroccan. Was going to make Thai curry at the weekend but looked at coconut and carbs are 22g per 100g...... so def won't b doing that!
  17. sammy1

    sammy1 Silver Member

    OMG I think ketosis is beginning to set in, work up exhausted this morning, back to bed for an hour after kids went to school. Breakfast of bacon (2) and egg bout 9.30. Still not hungry ....... will have a bit of cheese for lunch.... hope this keeps up.
  18. Busybusy

    Busybusy Gold Member kind of girl x. I think you should be ok with Thai red curry, are you making the sauce? We are having lamb curry obviously I'll spoon out the lamb and have little of the sauce but the lamb will still be very flavour-some and saag-panner (spinach & feta) as my side. It's a low carb take on saag-aloo.
  19. TahjmansMum

    TahjmansMum Full Member

    Do you have a sugary/sweetener in your mouth?
  20. sammy1

    sammy1 Silver Member

    To busybusy, checked out a diff brand of coconut milk at shops, only
    3 carbs per 100ml so bought that, curry back menu. That panner sag sounds good, will try that.
  21. sammy1

    sammy1 Silver Member

    Hi I don't have surgery taste more metallic, and my teeth feel as if I haven't brushed them in days...ketosis do u think? Hope so

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