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Love Love Love Food: My food Diary

kerry b

Silver Member
Cant seem to stay on track without writing it all down so here we go again.

***Sunday 17th April 2011. WI: 174.5lbs ***

B:No food to eat as I need to go shopping so breakfast is an activia ff vanilla yogurt.

L: Baby potatoes, 4 sausages (8 syns) salad:tomato, cucumber, sugarsnap peas, spring onions, peppers, boiled egg, coleslaw & mayo (2 syns).

D:sw quiche (hex a cheese) salad 2 syns (see lunch)

Snacks: 6 slices lean ham, 1 pear, 1 plum, bowl of fruit salad with ff natural yogurt. 2x ww wholemeal bread (hex b) ham +turkey

Drinks: sugarfree apple & blackcurrant squash
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kerry b

Silver Member
***Monday 18th April 2011***

B: porridge (hex b) fruit salad + yogurt

L: sw quiche, pesto pasta salad (4 syns) fruit salad + yogurt

D:chicken breast stuffed with xtra light philly + hot chilli sauce (2 syns) baby potatoes, carrot + swede mash + peas. Fruit salad + ff yogurt

Snacks: alpen light (3 syns)

Drinks: water, Apple + blackcurrant squash
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kerry b

Silver Member
Tuesday 19th April

B:porridge with milk (hex a+b) + banana

L: pasta n sauce 1.5 syns, raspberries strawberries + grapes

D: cottage pie 1.5 syns carrot + swede mash

Snacks: ham roll 6 syns, turkey ham + coleslaw sandwich 7syns, alpen light 3 syns.

Drinks: diet coke tea water

Over my daily syn allowance for the day which is a bit disappointing but had syns left over from last 2 days so should be ok.
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kerry b

Silver Member
Wednesday 20th April (green day)

B: scrambled egg

L: scrambled egg & 2x toast (2 hex b)

D: Jacket potatoe beans & cheese (hex a) yogurt

Snacks: yogurt, banana, grapes, 3 chocolate mini eggs 9 syns (such a waste) 2 cereal bars 6 syns, 2x ww bread 6 syns, ham turkey & coleslaw 2 syns

Drinks: water, squash, tea, hot choc with milk (hex a)
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kerry b

Silver Member
Thursday 21st April 2011

B: porridge & milk (hex a & b), pear

L: 4x ww bread 12syns turkey ham & beetroot, yogurt pear

D: pasta & pesto 4 syns

Snacks: 1 sausage 5 syns, butterkist popcorn, dolly mixtures

Drinks: diet coke water tea.

Bad day. was ok until early evening then just "wanted". Not a good week now:(

kerry b

Silver Member
Friday 22nd April 2011

B: 2 pears

L: half large cheesey pizza hut pizza

D:pasta with tomato onion + gammon sauce

Snacks:mini eggs

Drinks: squash, medium vanilla latte
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kerry b

Silver Member
Saturday 23rd April 2011

No breakfast

L: loaded nachos, 2 small wraps with pork pineapple salsa guacamole onion + rice. Pecan pie + ice cream.

D: chips chicken wings mozzarella fingers pizza slices

Drinks. Beer, cosmopolitan , fumble on the bar, mint aero x2 hot chocolate.

Could it be any worse. Laura birthday but no excuse. Been q really bad week.

kerry b

Silver Member
***Sunday 24th April 2011***

B: poached egg beans 2x we bread (hex b)

L: warburtons thin (5 syns), ham tomato beetroot cheese (hex a), mullerlight yogurt, pear.

D: roast beef, sw roasties, carrot potato + swede mash, carrots, 2 aunt bessie yorkshire puds (6 syns) gravy (2 syns)

Snacks: fruit salad with ff natural yogurt, mullerlight

Drinks: tea, squash.

Total syns: 13
My head seems to be in a better place today but then it always is after weigh in. Really need to get my head sorted or I'm never going to hit Target on time.
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kerry b

Silver Member
***Monday 25th April 2011***

B:fruit salad + ff Nat yogurt

L: ham + roast beef salad (2 syns for coleslaw + mayo), mullerlight

D: pork burgers with babybel (hex a) warburtons thin (5 syns) potatoes + salad (2 syns), fruit salad + yogurt

Snacks: weetabix cereal bar (hex b)

Drinks: squash, tea,

Total syns: 9 syns
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kerry b

Silver Member
***Tuesday 26th april 2011***

B: porridge with milk (hex. a+b) banana + pear

L: egg fried rice with peas ham + onion.

D: pasta salad ( 1 syn for mayo), ham, warburtons thin (5 syns)

Snacks: pear, MAC cheese (approx 6 syns, leftovers from kids dinner), strawberries, mullerlight alpen light (3 syns)

Drinks: tea, water

Total syns: 15
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kerry b

Silver Member
***Wednesday 27th April 2011*** (green)

B: 2 toast (hex b) poached egg, mullerlight pear + grapes

L: sweet chilli noodles

D:jacket potato beans + cheese (hex a) mullerlight

Snacks: banana, grapes, pears,

Drinks: coffee, hot chocolate (2 syns), cereal bar (3 syns) ww cookies (4.5 syns)

Total syns:10. 5 syns
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kerry b

Silver Member
Thursday 28th April 2011

B:porridge + milk (hex a + b) banana

L: pasta salad jacket potato + beans

D:4 sausages (2 syns) fried potato, beans, yogurt, banana.

Snacks: ham roll. (5 syns) pear satsumas.

Drinks: diet coke, water, squash,

Not had ny 1/3 today but hopefully won't matter too much. Feeling much happier about this week.
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kerry b

Silver Member
Friday 29th April 2011

B: porridge with milk (hex a+b) pear

L: tuna mayo + spring onion wrap (10 syns) grapes + strawberries

D: fish + chips

Snacks: 4 satsumas 2 alpen light

Drinks: tea diet pepsi

Total syns: 16
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kerry b

Silver Member
Saturday 30th April 2011

B: 3 satsumas, 1/2 melon

L: 3 mini quiches (1/2 hex a)

D:chicken wrap (8 syns) spicy rice + salad

Snacks: 2 alpen light (hex b) 2 satsumas 2 ff yogurts,

Drinks: water squash

Total syns:
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kerry b

Silver Member
Sunday 1st May 2011

WI: + 2lbs

B: full Scottish with Orange juice

L: none, still full from brekkie

D: potatoes beans 2 Bernard Matthews turkey steaks (12 syns) 2 ww bread (hex b) pineapple stick

kerry b

Silver Member
Monday 2nd May 2011

B: 2 ww bread (hex a) 2 poached eggs 2 bananas



Snacks: 2 ff yogurt 2 plums


Total syns:

kerry b

Silver Member
Been an extremely bad week. Completely off plan after being totally thrown by unexpected gain last week. Hopefully things will get back on track this week.

Sunday 8th May 2011

WI - 3.5lbs (no idea how)

B: mullerlight + 1/2 honeydew melon

L: cheese + onion quiche (hex a) strawberries + yogurt.

D: mince (2 syns for gravy), carrot swede + potato mash peas

Snacks: 1 pear, 2 satsumas, 1 plum, sweet chilli snack a jacks (6 syns)2 alpen light (hex b)

Drinks: tea, water

Total syns: 8 syns
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kerry b

Silver Member
Monday 9th May

B: 1/2 melon + yogurt

L: leftover mince ( with turnip + carrots + potatoes. Yogurt

D: haddock fishcakes, jersey potatoes + salad + coleslaw (3 syns) sweet chilli sauce (5 syns)

Snacks: 1 pear, 2 satsumas 1 slice bread (hex b) 4 slices ham, yogurt

Drinks: water, tea

Total syns: 8 syns
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kerry b

Silver Member
Tuesday 10th May 2011

B: porridge with milk (hex b + 1/2 hex a). Banana

L: scrambled egg, ham cheese (1/2 hex a + 3 syns). Pear + 2 satsumas

D: ham sandwich (10 syns) yogurt

Snacks: 2 pears

Drinks: tea, water

Total syns: 13
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Silver Member
S: 15st3.5lb C: 12st10.5lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 26.4 Loss: 2st7lb(16.39%)
Looking good this week! Don't forget to syn your snack-a-jacks on Sunday!

Do you find you get hungrier earlier on the days you eat melon and yogurt for breakfast, compared to porridge?

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