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Loving Banana milk shake cant wait to try the strawberry! Anyone tried new bars yet?

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Hiya all you LL 'ers
Just had my first Banana shake and it was lovely very yummy, felt quite like having something I shoudnt ! :D I am so glad we have more fruit flavoured shakes because I have the Raspberry every morning because I used to love fruit smoothies for breakfast and really miss fruit especially bananas and blueberrys.
Having a strawberry later, cant wait! how sad are we but after 8 weeks on only 4 flavours I like raspberry, chocolate, chilli and mushroom it is heavenly to have a bit more choice.
Im sure it wont be long till someone comes up with some great recipe for these.
Has any one tried the new bars yet??
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I'm with you on the new shakes - I've just been to see my nurse for a full blood check (hopefully be able to come off some tablets!) - she monitors my bp for LL and is very impressed with how it works. Well I just told her about the new shakes and how great it is after having had raspberry every morning for breakfast to have strawberry and banana and she was in hysterics laughing .... so as well as tasting great they also gave us both a good laugh.


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I agree, they are absolutely heavenly.
We have to wait til sometime in June for the new bars, they are going to be cranberry or peanut, I like the sound of the peanut bar. I hope they are as good as the new shakes.


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Hi Cherry Plum,

I got to try the new bars out last year, the peanut one was really nice - very peanutty!! :) The cranberry one reminded me a bit of a fruisli bar.

I'm not keen on the new shakes though, but then I only like the chocolate one anyway :p

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OMG Lumpy you don't like the Banana shake? are you mad? no only joking, I think it is heavenly.
Those peanuts ones sound absolutely delicious, I can't wait.


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Our LLC hasn't mentioned the new flavours to the rest of the group but I asked her last week about them, so I guess she hasn't got them in!

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I am with you the banana shake is lush mmmm mmmm the only shake i can have as a drink! i make the strawberry one into angel delight stuffy not heard about the new bars but banana bar sounds mint!


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i am loving both the strawberry and banana so much so that i am gonna exclude all other flavours although i would like to know what the present nut one tastes like coz although i loved them at first i am going off the lemon bars


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OMG!! We tried the new shakes last night, and they are yummmmmmmeeeeee!!

I pref the banana tho, so now have one a day to last till next WI!! It really feels like a naughty treat, is soooo good!!

My suggested trying it a bit thicker, with hot water and a nut bar, to make a banana custard dessert. That will be tomorrows treat!!


Thank you for that sugestion I have started to salivate at the thought of crunchy bannana custard! what a treat:)

Should have logged on earlier, had my bannana shake for breaky and nut bar at lunch time:sigh: still I have my soup to look forward to!

Tell you what I think :)

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OMG Sarah that sounds scrumptious, I must try it, but only got three banana shakes this week, incase I didn't like them & what a fool I am!
I will be having one every day next week & trying out your new recipe.
I had the strawberry shake for brekkie and saved a little to mix up and coat the lemon bar biscuuite with and it is absolutely delicious. It really does go like angel delight, like a whip and mixes really easily. It also looks like there is more in the pack too and they are thicker. Perhaps that is just my wishful thinking!

Can't wait to have the banana one for brekkie tomorrow before I go to the gym, yum.

That little receipe sounds great. Gonna try it. Was also going to make some of the strawberry and bananna into chocolate tomorrow and see whats it's like.

xx :p


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mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, that has started me off salivating too, that is a definite taster in my books, will be giving that a go next week when I pick up some more nut bars, yummy :drool:


Thank you for that sugestion I have started to salivate at the thought of crunchy bannana custard! what a treat:)

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Split my Banana shake in two this morning made the banana custard I had been dreaming about all night and added half of my nut crunch bar! I felt, warm, comfortable, full and content, first day since I started I havent had a mind game around food and keeping myself out of the cupboard:sigh:

I have just polished off the other half of my packs:D and the world of LL looks GOOD;) I am here for the duration, only problem is I didn't take enough bannana shakes and nut bars from my counsellor and will have to wait until my weigh in for some more of this scrummy fodder!!

Perhaps I can feel a phone call to my counsellor and some swaps coming on! ha ha:p

Have a great weekend

Lighter ME!


has started again!!
ooh, glad it so yummy! I am going to have my custard and crunch for tea! Just had mushroom soup, which was my first meal of the day!!

Looking forward to banana when the rest of family are tucking into their Saturday pizza!! Might keep the demons from the door!


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ooh Pixie,
you missing out girl! Hopefuly your counsellor will do a taster session for you, so you can get some if you like them :D

Have to say I prefer the strawberry one - is yummy, tho apparantly the banana has proved more popular! :D

the new bars are delicious, particulary the nut one - nothing like the current nutcrunch! :)

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