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Just thought that i would post to say how much i loved the mint choc flavour, had it last night, i made it into icecream and it was delicious even my teenage daughter said it tasted just like icecream, yummy will deffo be making that again. I had half a pack of cappucino for brekkie saving the rest for lunchtime, the packs make quite alot and i think its ok to split them hope i am right lol.

Anyway Day 2 so lets hope it goes as well as day 1 going to try the toffee walnut later might have it as an icecream for a treat. Also read somewhere that its ok to have coke zero and perfectly clear srawberry and kiwi is this right? If so are there any other drinks that are 'allowed' on the plan. Do you think its best to wait for 2 weeks to have anything other than water though?

Speak to you all later.

take care have a great sunday all.

Lots of love Busy X
Umm. Have you tried the Cambridge water flavourings Busy?

I really liked the berry one.

As for the strawberry and kiwi drink. I think it was an unofficial 'allowed' for any VLCD.

If you didn't have it when you did LL, you probably don't need it now

Oh, and you are confusing me a little (easily done
). Aren't you still in ketosis from LL? You wouldn't need to wait the 2 weeks if you are
Nope not in Ketaosis anymore cos had a 2 week break from LL but didn't think it took 2 weeks to get into ketosis i thought it was about 3-4 days is that right?
When I started I split all my packe in 2 sometimes still do.My CDC suggested it when I first started as having 6 meals sometimes helps,and it did for me.
love libbie x