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Low carbing!


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Hi everyone, I thought this would be the best forum to post on/lurk, although i'm not doing Atkins as such, i'm following Barry Groves 'Eat fat get thin' diet...very similar to Atkins but slightly higher carbs, the ratios are around 65% fat, 20% protein and 15% carbs. (no more than 60g a day). It suits me better, although I did well on Atkins when I followed it a few years ago.

I'm feeling really full and not having any cravings, and i've finally smashed the weight barrier i've been stuck at forever, i've gotten under 10 st 2.5! (weighed in at 10st 1.5lbs today, this is my third day).

Hope i'm allowed in here, the recipes look good!
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This is really the time!
Nice to have you onboard and well done :)

Welcome to this lovely forum :)


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Thank you, it seems really friendly here :) I thought it would be better here than the general low carb forum because you are all on a similar plan. I use fitday which gives me a pie chart for my percentages and I naturally have the right amount each day, so I thought it seems like the best plan for me. No more calorie counting, thank god!

My boyfriend thinks it's very silly but I told him to mind his own business thank you very much! Why do people have to judge you on what you eat, it doesn't make any difference to their lives! Ah well, i'm hoping the proof will be there to see before too long.


This is really the time!
Lol!!! I think you told him the best thing! Lol. You have to do what is best for you. The proof will be in the pudding (or lack of lol)

It is lovely on here. I also think it is better to be in this bit. Lots of chat, encouragement and banter :)
Hello - well done on breaking a barrier! You'll be at your goal weight in no time. And Fuffs is spot on, this is a great forum.

Hi Sapphire, of course you can post on here, post away :D
Welcome Welcome Welcome!
Not heard of that diet before! Congrats on smashing your barrier though :D :D
Thanks everyone! I managed to be quite good last night despite a night down the pub, stuck to vodka and diet coke, and when everyone had a kebab later I just ate the chicken and lettuce out of mine :) Only 3/4lb up this morning which I know will come off by tomorrow so not too bad! It's rare I drink anyway so won't be doing that again for a while.

I've ordered lots of lovely low carb food from asda so I won't be stuck for things to eat :) My only trouble is breakfast, I just have no appetite for it at all, I was thinking about having some FAGE full fat greek yoghurt or something before work so at least i've eaten something, I have no desire for fried eggs or bacon at that time in the morning. Maybe I could handle a couple of scrambled eggs nuked in the microwave, not sure yet as i've had the week off!


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Hi there and welcome

I'm the same, can't eat first thing, so I make up omelettes and heat them up at work, very nice. There's also a lovely recipe for bacon and egg muffins on the Just Recipes sticky, and a few people have flax porridge (recipe on the Mims sticky).

Also have a look at the Low Carb shopping sticky for your shopping list :)
Ooh those muffins sound nice, that would be ideal because I start at 8am but don't get hungry until about 9:30am. I'm a 'gas man' (woman!) so i'm out in my van all day so no re-heating facilities, so something like a muffin would be good.

I looked at the shopping list thanks, very useful, i've ordered some 1 carb ketchup, sugar free maple syrup and sugar free DaVinci vanilla syrup from the low carb megastore, which hopefully will turn up on monday,

I'm going to try and make a low carb version of ben and jerry's phish food ice cream too! Got the basic vanilla recipe, sugar free marshmallows, 90% dark choc which i'll chop into pieces, and cocoa, so if it's a success i'll post the recipe! Obviously it'll be a treat recipe even though it's low carb :)


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Oooh Sapphire that ice cream sounds delish - be good if you could work out the carb content too :)

I love the no carb maple syrup - use it with cream cheese and cocoa for an instant sweet fix :)

The LCM also has some cold granola, 1 carb per serving - I haven't tried it yet, waiting for it to come back in stock, but that might be another breakfast idea for you?

Jim our Atkins guru would advocate meat and greens for breakfast but I've never been able to get my head (or taste buds) around that one :)
Ooh good maple syrup idea! I will create a recipe on my fitness pal for the ice cream which will work out the carbs for me and i'll include it. I'll try it on monday when my goodies arrive.
Thanks, will do next time i'm on my laptop :)

Just thought of another brekkie idea - ham and cheese oopsie roll! Got some lovely jarlsberg slices in the fridge :)
Mmmmmmmmmm, jarlsberg, love it, shame it makes me gain
Oh no Jim does it? I wonder if that's why I haven't lost any more this week since i've been eating it :eek: Why would cheese do that to you, I love jarlsberg :confused:

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