Low Fat recipe meals for xenical


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Hi xenical pals:wave_cry:
i was just thinking maybe we could all share our lowfat recipes and foods for everyone sick of the same old same old foods day in day out i made a lovely meal last night and im pretty sure its low in fat if im wrong please will someone let me know??
here goes

i got a packet of lean lamb steaks cut them up put garlic salt on them and salt and pepper and put them in my slowcooker (these are fab) with 3 chopped up carrots, 5 garlic cloves, one and a half onions, 2 lamb oxos and a big glass of red wine add a cup of water and cook on low till meat is tender
i had it with veg and boiled potatoes(i also sprinkle garlic salt on my boiled potatoes i love the stuff) and mint sauce it was yummy and had no side effects at all

im sure its fat free u have loads of the gravy left over so ive froze it for next time i have lamb dinner x x x
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sounds low fat and must be if u didnt experience any side effects! I had a roast tonight.....chicken breast with brussels, carrots, cauliflower n broccolli plus boiled potatoes with gravy and mint sauce! It was amazing and my mum does it for the whole family so everyones happy lol and i dont have to eat different to everyone else....oh apart from my dad wanting roast potatoes but thats just fussy ha x


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I think thats a very good idea as i dont have a clue sometimes what to cook, i think i will try the lamb.


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This is exactly what i need - i'm sick of jacket spuds!!!

Thanks guys - will add to this soon :)


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Here's another quickie has anyone had the batcholours pasta n sauce I make them with half boiled water and half skimmed milk and instead of butter I put laughing cow xtra light triangle in to make it creamy it's dead quick n tasty my kids love it aswell x


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Gosh, we haven't had pasta n sauce for years :D. I used to love it too


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I have started making soups using asda soup packs add a couple of stock pots water and boil up , makes enough for about 6 decent size bowls and costs approx £1.50 low fat and low price!!


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I've got a nice curry sauce recipe if you fancy it....

1 x chopped onion
1 x tsp garlic
1 x tsp grated ginger
2 x tbsp curry powder
2 x tbsp sweetner
1 x stockpot or stock cube
1 x tin of chopped tomatoes or passata

Fry the onions for 1-2 mins, add the garlic & ginger, fry another 1-2 mins, add the curry powder...then the tomatoes/pasatta and sweetner. Cook for 12-15 mins... you can then add chicken, peppers, mushrooms etc... or leave chunky and add to pasta...


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Mmmmmm sounds nice asda do a really nice mild curry for 5p it's low in fat and the kids love it x x I think sometimes eating healthly can cost a bomb as u get hoodwinked by lowfat labels grrr


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Yeah 5 pennies lol it's a mild one though but for 5p it's worth A try lol I serve mine the kids then put easy chillis in for my hubbi who likes a bit of spice x x


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hi guys ive just found a recipe that im going to try tomorrow online crispy chicken nuggets low in fat ones lol
so here goes
dice up chicken fillets and coat in a sauce ( light mayo, lowfat bbq ect ect or even just plain egg white )
Crush up some rice krispies Yeah i know lol and add garlic salt and paprika and pepper (to taste u can add other herbs and spices to suit ur taste)
roll ur chicken around in the mixture and bake in the oven for around 30 mins serve with frylight potatoe wedges and beans or corn on the cob (no Butter though lol)
ill let u know how it turns out :)


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This thread is great sadly i cant really give you any recipes i live on pre made meals. :( i know horride so i'm looking forward to getting some good ideas keep em coming!!
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hey red. invest in a slowcooker u can get a small one 4 £20 as long as u can fit a whole chicken in u can put a whole chick in the morning 8am wi water n salt put it on slow setting n come home from work at 5pm n its cooked to perfection. even chicken breasts in chicken stock cube wi onion carrots potatoes whatever/ even sausage wi everything n its a wholesome cooked meal ready for u without all the additives that go in processed food! i always have ww meals in the freezer for safety!


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Tesco curry is only 4p :D And it's nice too. Mild, but I add a little extra curry powder and it's lovely.


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I watched a programme this week which was about healthy snacks for the kids and one was very similar to the chicken one above! She took small strips of chicken - rolled them in seasoned flour, then a mixture of milk, dijon mustard and paprika and rolled them in cornflakes - and baked for 20 minutes - instead of chicken nuggets with a fat content of about 20%, these were about 3-4% and the kids loved making them too! Might be worth a try!

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i make this really filling soup. If anyone is on ww then its 0 points aswell

2/3 tins of chopped tomatos
7/8 roasted red peppers
1 tbl spoon of crushed chilli flakes
2 pints of water
veg oxo cube

chop peppers up after deseading and roasting (skin removed), add peppers and other ingredients into a pan, boil for about 20mins, blend till smooth

can add however many tomatos or peppers, depending on personal taste.