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low fat spread


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Depends what you mean by "best" - the lowest syn spread is flora extra light (or lighter than light as it is now called) at half a syn per level tsp. But that may not be the best tasting spread. I rather like the light version of I Can't Believe ... but that is one syn per tsp.
thanks circes,i have a lot of weight to lose and didnt want to cut everything out,i enjoy the odd sandwich..i did mean the one with the lowest syns,so i will give your suggestion a try.
I don't like anything other than proper butter, but I have found that just leaving it out altogether is fine. If the sandwich filling is interesting enough, I don't miss the butter at all.
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I use half a laughing cow extra light triangle if I need a bit of something extra on my bread/toast. Half a syn for half a triangle I think x


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Laughing cow extra light triangle, or if it's just to add moisture, Quark does the trick (only if eating when made though, as it can make the bread soggy if taking to work in sandwiches).
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i used mustard powder on sarnies in place of butter, if u spread it across pieces of ham and salad its lovely.
But i do also use the Flora lighter than light in things like mash or toast x


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I use Clover Lighter, 1syn a tsp 3.5 a Tbsp and 6.5 per 28g. Its tastes good and the thing i bought it for was that you can cook, bake and fry with it, which some of the lighter ones you cant.


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Flora extra light is 2.5 syns per 28g/ounce

This is the lowest value I have seen and use it on my sandwiches/toast.

Works out at something like 40syns for a 500g tub!

(assuming my dodgy maths are correct)

I have laughing cow cheese on ryvita of course without spread.

I like Flora Extra Light though - it is my new Lurpak now.

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