Low GI Bread-Warburtons all in one


Gone fishing
I'm not sure how long this has been out, but just bought a few loaves of this.

Usually I think of low GI bread as granary type breads. This looked just like regular white. Load and slice size similar to the normal sliced loaf.

Tasted similar too, a little bit airier perhaps. You could probably fool the family though ;)

I don't follow the GI diet, but I do like to pick low GI sometimes if it's a choice between 2 similar items. Anything to stop me wanting more is always good :)

Not only that but it was reduced to 15p a loaf

I found it in Sainsburys :)
It's got an orange wrapper with Warburtons all in One and 'helps control kids' hunger' on it.

Amazing...they even have the apostophe in the right place for the word kids' :D

Don't know what the RRP is. Guess it's a fair bit more than the 15p I paid:rolleyes: