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Low point savoury snacks?

Ritz minis are really yummy they are one offer at Asda at the moment for a £1 and their only 3pts a bag, I have mine with a mini tub of light Philadelphia scrummy!!!!


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Poppadums. 1pp each and there's more eating in 3 than in a bag of low fat crisps normally! :)
I like it! never would have thought they were only 1pp, worked in an indian a few years back and everything was bathed in oil.... and yet delicious....helped me add on a few inches :( Good to know tho! I could make like a fat free yoghurt dip or something... awesome! Thank you sneeze!


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22g bag of salt and vinegar snack a jacks are 2pp, well worth it, can make them last for ages. Not sure bout other flavours
This is a few of the things i like to snack on
Multi pack ( a bit smaller) mini ryvitas 2 pp
Multi pack mini chedders 2 or 3 pp
This phili and bread stick pots 3 pp
Walkers baked crisps 1 pack 3 pp or 2 packs for 5 pp
Walkers French fries 2pp
Then i like sweet things like
Rice crispy cereal bars 2pp
Weetos cereal. Bars 2pp
Penguin 3 pp
Iced gems 3 pp
Salivating as i write lol
A x
i snack on quavers/wotsits 3pp a bag (i think maybe monster munch are the same but must check)
Freddo bars 3pp each or 2 for 5pp :)
ww salt and vinegar hula hoops 2pp a bag (and quite tasty for ww ones)
ww roast chicken crisp also 2pp a bag (and also quite tasty forr ww)
then there is toast with low low cheese and ham trianges nom nom nom!!!

Oh i must get some of the mini philly pots!! I forgot about them :)
I've just worked out those extraliggt laughing cow triangles, it says 1 is 0 points and 2 is 1 point
That reduces the total points for your snack. :)


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0 propoint jam (flavour ur choice) with 3 tesco dutch crispbreads = 1 propoint :D

Or my friend gave me this tip yesterday.. A 0 propoint omlette...
She used egg white ONLY. peppers. mushrooms. onion. and a side salad of rocket lettuce, cherry tomatoes and cucumber... She used salt, pepper and garlic in the omlette to flavour it up a bit.. Love this idea.. Great for those unexpected big (hi pointed) lunches!!!


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Egg whites are not free if u have more than 1 although they still not bad value xxx

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Hi Laurenasha and thanks for letting me kno... Went straight to the "bible" to check and yer rite.. Havn't had that "0poin omelette" yet but would have done without checking it.. Not that's its a huge difference so wouldn't have done too much damage i s'pose but its better to be 100% with yer tracker I find... :D
Ryvita Thins are 1pp per one and they're quite large..so far I've tried to Chilli ones and the Cracked Pepper & Cheddar...very nice indeed!!!!!

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