Low point snacks????

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    Has anyone got any ideas for low point snack?? apart from fruit.. more savoury...:sign0009:
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    weight watchers
    im about to tuck into a packet of sweett chilli velvey crunch - only 1 point and lovely
  4. vijch50

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    weight watchers
    you could have two slices ww bread (1pt ) with 30g wafer thin ham 1/2 pt for 1.5 pts or half a sandwich for just under 1 pt. very filling
  5. Smirky

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    Here is a list of things; can't take credit for it, it's from uk lady luck, if you pop it into google, can't put link due to legal reasons, but hopefully saying the name is ok if not oops! :(

    anyway! .. list for you;

    All the snacks on this page are 2 points or less

    Boots Shapers
    Blueberry & Yoghurt Nougat Bar 2
    Chocolate & Raisin Cereal Bar 1.5
    Cranberry, Raisin & Nut Cereal Bar 2
    Crispy Caramel Bar 2
    Double Chocolate Bar 1.5
    Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies 2
    Mini Raspberry & White Choc Cookies 2
    Prebiotic Strawberry & Yoghurt Cereal Bar 1.5
    Summer Strawberry Nougat Bar 1.5
    Gold Chocolate Coins, Extra large (11 – 15g) 1.5
    Large (8 – 10g) 1
    Medium (6 – 7g) 1
    Small (5g or under) 0.5
    Alpen Light bars, all flavours 1
    Black Jack chews 2 0.5
    Cadburys light chocolate mousse 1
    Cadburys chocolate mousse 2
    Cadbury’s Fingers Mini Breaks – 22g 2
    Cadbury’s mini rolls 2
    Choc Skinny Cow Ice Lolly 1
    Chopped Apple with a WW Toffee or Vanilla Yoghurt 1
    Chuppa Chups 0.5
    Cremosa Sugar Free Lolly 0.5
    Chocolate Snack a Jacks 2
    Caramel Snack a Jacks 2
    Cocopop Bars 1.5
    Delmonte Banana and Strawberry 1
    Dried prunes 25g 1
    Drumstick Lolly(normal size) 0.5
    Fruit Bonbons 2 0.5
    Fruit Salad Chews, 2 0.5
    Flying saucers (whole bag) 1
    Farleys Rusks 1
    Fruit Pastilles Mini 1
    Hartleys low cal Jelly (all flavours) 0
    Highlights Toffee Cake Bar 2
    Highlights Cake Bars 2
    Humbugs x2 1
    Iced Gems 1.5
    Jaffa Cakes (x2) 1.5
    Jumbo Snack a Jack, chocolate orange 1
    Jumbo Snack a Jack, Caramel 0.5
    Jumbo Snack a Jack, Caramel (in new style bag) 1
    Jumbo Snack a Jack, chocolate delight 1
    All other flavour Jumbo Snack a Jacks 0.5
    Lemon Sherberts 2 0.5
    Magical Elves (Cadburys – popping chocolate) 1.5
    Meringue Large Nest 0.5
    Mini meringues 2 0.5
    Meringue Nest with a WW Toffee or Vanilla Yoghurt 1
    Milky Bar Buttons Mini 2
    Milkybars Small 1.5pts
    Milky way treat size 1.5
    Milky way standard size 2
    Mr Kipling Delightful Chocolate cake bars 1.5
    Mr Kipling Delightful Blueberry cake bars 1
    Murray Mints x2 1
    Muller light Rice Pudding all flavours 1.5
    Muller Rice Sanck Size – 150g 1.5
    Oreos – 2 pack 1.5
    Party Rings Biscuits 0.5
    Pink and Whites 0.5 (2 for 1.5)
    Pink and white jammies 1
    Pink Panther Wafers 1
    Refresher Bars – all flavours 1.5
    Rich Tea Biscuits 0.5
    Rosemary Conleys Chocolate Mousse 2
    Ryvita Goodness Bar, all flavours 1
    Sainsbury’s BGTY Maple Syrup Cereal Bars 1
    Skinny Cow Toffee and Honeycomb sticks 1.5
    Snack a Jack Minis 1.5 – 2
    Snack a Jack salted popcorn 0.5
    Solero Ice Lollies 0.5 – 1.5 depending on flavour (check on ice cream page)
    Sugar free jelly 0
    Sherbert Fountains 1.5
    Special k Bliss bars, All flavours 1.5
    Smarties Mini 20g 1.5
    Stewed Rhubarb & 100g Natural Yoghurt 1
    Toffee Bonbons 2 0.5
    Weetos bars 1.5
    Wall Frusi Fruits of the forest 2
    Wham Bar (22g) 1
    WW Cookies, per twin pack, all flavours 1.5
    WW Cakes:
    Double Choc Chip Mini Muffins 0.5
    Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins 0.5
    Carrot,Farmhouse,Lemon,Toffee,Chocolate Orange Slices 1
    Almond Slices 1
    Date and Walnut Slices 1
    Chocolate Mini roll 1.5
    Black Forest Mini roll 1.5
    Chocolate Cake Bar 1.5
    Caramel Cake Bar 1.5
    Flapjack 1.5
    Fruit Flapjack 1.5
    Chocolate Brownies 2
    Kelloggs Optivita Berry Oat Bar 1.5
    Dairylea Tri Bites 1.5
    Crackerbreads (x4) and marmite 1
    Farleys Rusks 1
    Half Fat cheese slices 1
    Light Cheese Triangles 0.5
    Low fat Cuppa Soup 1
    Mini Babybel 1.5
    Mini BabyBel Lght 1
    Mini Babybel Cheddar Light 1
    Muller Rice, snack size – 150g 1.5
    Olives 10 0.5pt
    Pickled Onions 0
    Pickled gherkins 0
    Snack a Jack salted popcorn 0.5
    Pringles Dips Sweet Thai, Fiery Salsa and Salsa Heaven (mild) per jar – 85g 1.5
    Rice Cakes x3 1
    Ryvita corncakes per pack of 3 0.5
    Ryvita 3 1
    Ryvita Minis, all flavours, 1 pack 1.5
    Snack a Jacks Cheese 2
    Snack-A-Jacks, BBQ 2
    Slimfast pretzels 1.5
    Seafood/Crab Sticks x4 1
    Toast Toppers, Chicken & Mushroom 1 (good on one slice toast for an extra point)
    Toast Toppers, Mushroom & bacon 1 (1/2 a can on a slice of toast for 2 points)
    Boots Shapers
    Bacon Bites 1.5
    Cheese & Onion Discs 2
    Cheese Puffs 1.5
    Crunchy Onion Rings 1
    Manhattan Mini Pretzels 1.5
    Prawn Spirals 1
    Salt & Vinegar Crunchy Sticks 1.5
    Salt & Vinegar Spirals 1
    Salted Potato Tubes 1
    Sour Cream & Chive Mini Pretzels 1.5
    Sour Cream & Chives Discs 1.5
    Boots Shapers Thai Chilli Crunchies 1.5
    Boots Deliciously Lightly Salted Handcooked Vegetable Crisps 2
    Cheese heads 2
    Frazzles (multipack) 1
    French Fries, all flavours single packs (22g) 2
    Go Ahead Bites, all flavours 1.5
    Monster Munch, all flavours, single packs (22g) 2
    Potatao heads all flavours 1.5
    Squares, all flavours (25g) single packs 2
    Quavers, all flavours from multipack 1.5
    Quavers, all flavours single packs (20g) 2
    Walkers Crisps, all flavours from Multipack (25g) 2
    Walkers baked, all flavours 1.5
    Walker lites, all flavours per bag 1.5
    Walkers Quavers all flavours from multipack 1.5
    Walkers Squares 1.5
    Walkers French Fries, All flavoure (from multi-pack) 1
    Wotsits 2
    Wotsits from multipack 1.5
    WW Cheese Puffs 1
    WW Potato Hoops 1
    Thai bites 1.5
    Asda Natura Set Yogurt 1 pot 1.5
    Benecol Light Yogurt Drink 1 bottle 0.5
    Benecol Strawberry Yoghurt Drink 1 bottle 0.5
    Low-fat Plain Bio Yoghurt 1 pot 1.5
    Mullerlight Layers 1.5
    Muller Mullerlight Yoghurt all flavours 1.5
    M&S Count on Us Raspberry or Lemon Yogurt 1 pot 1
    Natural Low-fat Yoghurt, normal size pot 1.5
    Sainsbury’s Be Good To Yourself Yogurts All flavours 1.5
    Shapers Yoghurts all flavours 1.5
    Ski Yoghurt all flavours 2
    Ski Light Strawberry Yoghurt 1 pot 1
    Shape Yoghurt all flavours (including longer satisfaction) 1
    Sainsbury Be Good To Yourself all flavours 1.5
    Somerfield Healthy Selection Raspberry or Rhubarb Yoghurt 1 pot 1
    Sveltesse flavoured yoghurt, 1
    Tesco Mango or apricot or pineapple flavour Yoghurt 1.5
    Tesco Banana or Toffee Yoghurt 2
    Tesco Healthy Living Yoghurt, all flavours 1.5
    0% fat Greek Yoghurt 1 small pot 1
    Very Low-fat Plain Yoghurt 1 small pot 1
    WW Toffee or Vanilla Yoghurt 0.5

    looking at the list a few items have changed their points since the list was pointed, but no points have gone up! only down so it won't matter just remember to check the values yourself if your buying any of the above to be on safe side :) but all are low to have as a snack xx
  6. laughingitoff

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    How about a baked egg in wafer thin ham... :) delish!
    1spray of the 1cal stuff in a small ovenproof dish.. stick 2 slices of the ham around the dish and crack an egg in the middle with salt and pepper. when you take it out the ham should crisp to the shape of the bowl and have one piece of ww bread sliced in soldiers on the side..

    is 3 points! yummy, and quite filling!
  7. kakabubbles

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    Weight Watchers Points
    Wow that's really helpful thank you xoxo
  8. cinderzxx

    cinderzxx Full Member

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    Wow.. smirky... what a list!! thanks so much that will be useful!! xx
  9. Smirky

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    Pro points
    no problem, like i say at the bottom may be wise just to check a few things just in case to make sure points haven't changed, nothing would of been made to more than 2 points, but some of it by a quick look have gone down in points, like Quavers multi-pack are 1 point per pack... and not 1.5 like it says just stuff like that :)
  10. steph9584

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    Slimming World
    thanks you for the help! i'll definately be adding sum to my shopping list!!! xx
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