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Low point snacks?

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers - ProPoints Plan Recipes' started by Chelsx, 7 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Chelsx

    Chelsx Member

    Hi everyone I was just wondering if anybody had any recipes/ideas for low point snacks that I can munch on at night when watching tv because that's when my naughty side comes out haha, I try to have fruit but I love my savoury foods particularly crisps so fruit doesn't really cut it! Any ideas would be greatly received! X :eek:
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  3. Sweet as pie

    Sweet as pie Well-Known Member

    Here are a few i can think of:

    Snak a jacks
    Snack sized choc bars
    Curlywurlys (Frozen)
    Forzen Grapes
    Suger Free Jelly
    Meringue filled with Fruit and LF/Squirty cream
    Rice Cakes/Melba Toast covered with Chocolate spread

    hope that helps :)
  4. newme763

    newme763 Well-Known Member

    Hi ! I bought a popcorn machine yest for only £9 it hears the corn and pops it instead of using any oil. It works a treat and I got a really big bowl for only 1 point ! Was great to pick and munch through a movie last night and the kids think it's ace too - really good fun watching it pop and fly out ! I had mine just salted but you could use all sorts of spices and seasoning - next time I'm going to use some raspberries and drizzle with melted white choc - lush ! X
  5. charjoelily

    charjoelily Well-Known Member

    Where did you get the popcorn machine from Hun? Love gadgets :)
  6. newme763

    newme763 Well-Known Member

    It was B & M - I think Argos do them too it's really fab Hun x
  7. charjoelily

    charjoelily Well-Known Member

    Found some in Robert dyas, guess what's on my shopping list this weekend :)
  8. newme763

    newme763 Well-Known Member

    Yay! Have fun :-D
  9. Chelsx

    Chelsx Member

    Ahh thanks very much! Really like the sound of frozen grapes and curlywurly so will give that a try! X
  10. Chelsx

    Chelsx Member

    I LOVE this idea thank you so much will deffo be investing in a popcorn machine ! X
  11. newme763

    newme763 Well-Known Member

    You're very welcome Chelsx ! X

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