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Discussion in 'Weight Watchers - ProPoints Queries' started by VicLouGray, 13 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. VicLouGray

    VicLouGray Full Member


    Looking for some 'proper' sweets so I can still eat them when my flatmates do (in moderation of course) so that I don't feel left out. Have quite a sweet tooth and have struggled watching everyone around me eat them of an evening/weekend and I can't.

    I know I can use up my 49 points but don't really want to use them all.

    Thanks in advance x
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  3. Allure_

    Allure_ Starting again :-)

    Put a mini mars bar in the freezer only 2pp and gives you that that satisfaction you need;P or a curly wurly is only 3 pp
  4. VicLouGray

    VicLouGray Full Member

    Thanks. :)
  5. scoobysue

    scoobysue Silver Member

    Think fruit gums are low and daim bars are 4pp
  6. VicLouGray

    VicLouGray Full Member

    Thank you. :)
  7. Caralousi

    Caralousi New Member

    You can buy ww sweets at the meetings.
  8. VicLouGray

    VicLouGray Full Member

    I don't go to the meetings. I'm using the online package as the meetings local to me don't fit around my timetable but thank you anyway.
  9. lynnewarb

    lynnewarb New Member

    Cadbury fudge is 3 points or a galaxy ripple for 5 points for a good chocolate treat! X
  10. VicLouGray

    VicLouGray Full Member

    Thank you so much!!!! I've really been struggling with chocolate cravings lately... It's a difficult mindset to get into - I'm on a diet but can have everything I like in moderation. So I've been trying to resist it so I don't feel guilty afterwards. But this will make it easier :)
  11. Allure_

    Allure_ Starting again :-)

    if you havent enough points and are craving something sweet have an options mint hot choc for 1pp or a meringue nest2pp weightwatchers vanilla yogurt 1pp and frozen berries 0pp ....yum yum
  12. Nemesis82

    Nemesis82 Silver Member

    I never knew the Options Hot Chocolates were 1pp!!! Can see me picking some up soon!
  13. Allure_

    Allure_ Starting again :-)

    Yup! well i pointed a small sachet and it came out as that:) they really satisfy a sweet tooth
  14. Lucy_B

    Lucy_B Silver Member

    I love milky ways 3pp and dark choc kitkats 3pp- with the kitkats because I am getting 2 fingers I feel like I am getting more for the points too haha
  15. VicLouGray

    VicLouGray Full Member

    Milky ways are only 3?! I love them. This has literally made my day :D
  16. Lucy_B

    Lucy_B Silver Member

    They sure are! The singles ones- I love them!
  17. sookie

    sookie Silver Member

    Wish I had noticed this yesterday.. So wanted chocolate which is unusual as it makes me feel sick. But Milky Way not so much as not thick chocolate around it...

  18. Hazykay

    Hazykay Silver Member

    My favourites are a 2 finger twirl 5pp, yes you read that right, the 2 fingers are 5pp or a cadburys creme egg is also 5pp.
    I see a kit kat at 3 pp as light and airy if you know what I mean. I'd rather use another 2 pps for a twirl.
    Minstrels are 6 and revels are 5. If you let them melt slowly, they last for ages :)
    I give myself a treat at least once a week, it keeps me sane!!
  19. oasis6918

    oasis6918 Gold Member

    I love smarties, take ages to eat. 5pp x
  20. MrsBoomBoom

    MrsBoomBoom Member

    Creme eggs for 5pp is fab...love these

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