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Loz is getting bigger!

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Diaries' started by Loz33, 15 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. Loz33

    Loz33 Member

    Hi all!

    this is my 2nd attempt at a vlcd! first time was with cambridge and i went from 15st to 11st that was 18 months ago now and since then i have just been eating i think believing oh if i just go back on the diet i'll be able to lose it quickly - only prob was i didnt go back on a diet and so today i'm clocking in at a massive 17st!

    i cant believe i am 6 stone heavier - i lok in the mirror and i think i dont look that different do i? although realistically i am in size 20 clothes and not size 14 so i know i am bigger!

    so this is the most awful time for me to start as i have a ton of social events coming up which i am planning of either pulling out of or driving and seeing if i can get away with having a diet coke and am hoping that as friends now we will be trying for baby no.2 soon they will not push me too drink!

    so day one on slim and save and 17st! i go on holiday on the 20th so would love to lose 2 stone by then but you know what if i could be 15 something i would be happy!

    looking forward to getting to know you!

    Loz x

    Day 1 - 17st
    Brekkie - choc and coconut bar (really liked this)
    Lunch - thai soup (this is what i have at work)
    Dinner - thinking spicy spag!
    will need another pack so will see if i need something sweet in which case it will be a shake or savoury in which case it will be a soup!
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  3. Loz33

    Loz33 Member

    just made the spicy spag at work to see what it comes out like - tiniest dinner ever ha ha doesnt look or smell horrendous though so just going to try it now................omg its lovely!!!!
  4. Loz33

    Loz33 Member

    so day one went well i ended up having the choc and coconut bar, spicy spag, cafe latte shake was absolutely starving by dinner so had some chicken.

    Day 2 start and would you blumming believe it i've come on - gutted as i know it will affect weight loss but i'm thinking at least i might have 2 good weeks of losses rather than one big one little?!

    plan for today....
    caffe latte shake, chilli con carne, choc truffa bar, thai soup
  5. Loz33

    Loz33 Member

    so ditched the thai soup last night and ended up having some salmon - tasted amazing!!!

    todays plan is choc praline bar, spicy spaghetti not sure what else i seem to have tons left in my box so i really need to try some different stuff!!!
  6. gemini85

    gemini85 New Member

    Hi Loz your situation sounds a lot like mine. Done Lipotrim a couple of years ago and lost 3 stone but its crept back on...and I can defo tell as I wear the same clothes all the time, as I have a wardrobe full of stuff I cant fit in:)

    I've also got four weddings this year (2 of which im a brides maid) so im hoping I can maintain some control as the first wedding is 31st may, so not to far away!

    I didn't know you could have coke on S&S is that on either plan? so far im ok but im off work(so no temptation) and ive drank about 3 lts a day.... but im classing this as my honeymoon period.

    Anyway just to wish you the best of luck!

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