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Lucys LT journey :-)

On day one.... Had my first shake this morning and wasn't to bad... Do far I've had to listen to the discussions of the office everyone discussing what to have for lunch.... Mmmm chocolate shake for me :) xxx I'm just so motivated to loose weight ready for my boyfriend coming home from afgan in feb next year xxx
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peach pip

Nothing but Fuzz!
hey hun that is a brilliant incentive for you I know its not easy having someone you love out there ....you just stay strong this diet isnt easy and even more so when having to listen to everyone else around you, but after a while you wont be bothered i promise you. The motivation from your weigh ins will just spur you on to continue xx
Thanks peach! He only went at the weekend so we had our weekend of food and drink and now I'm fully focused! I think I just want him
To come home and be chuffed that I actually stuck to it x fingers crossed x I've never been so motivated though! Day one has been ok and can safely say I'm full xxx thank you for your support x

peach pip

Nothing but Fuzz!
haha the shakes get better i assure you, and dont worry he will be back before you know it, my best friend is a sergent in the army hes been out there twice now so i understand...and although its not nice hes gone now just think how amazing it will be when hes back home with you and sees how you have done so well :) xx
Awww thanks for the support peach! I'm looking forward to the challenge! How are you getting on with your diet? How do u manage with the weekend and the temptation of food and drink? Xxx

peach pip

Nothing but Fuzz!
gettingskinny said:
Awww thanks for the support peach! I'm looking forward to the challenge! How are you getting on with your diet? How do u manage with the weekend and the temptation of food and drink? Xxx
I'm doing good so far hun it was my week five weigh in today and dropped another 7lbs so I'm down a total of 3stones in 5 weeks so I'm very happy... The weekends aren't great I'll admit, now i work through the weekend but for me the issue is night time when I see my boyfriend, as I only see him at weekends he always wants to go out, have a take away etc but I've just had to be strong Hun it's the only way ... It's difficult but so rewarding I cannot tell you how great it feels to see those scaled going down and your clothes feeling bigger and bigger each week... How much are you trying to lose hun? Xx
That is absolutely brilliant! I brt your sooo chuffed! I want to loose a stone n half possibly two! I've been trying to loose it for ages every since I put it on a couple of years ago but ever since I've struggled with the fact I enjoy wine nights with my friends and weekends away with my boyfriend! It's hard because i really look forward to a weekend of chilling with a good bottle of wine n takeaway but i know I'm going to have to knock that on the head for at least a month and see how I get on x ma main aim in being how I'm happiest ..... Slimmer.... By feb or him
Coming home but I would also like to get to my goal weight for Christmas :) you are doing so well tho Hun! My mums also started and she's been on it a week... Shes looking to loose about 5 stone
So I keep souring her on and having this website is helping alot xxxx
Hi deezer I don't think I drank enough water yesterday! Had two pints so far today! Just had chicken soup for lunch.... Hated it yesterday but today it's lovely x very strange xxx
Im really struggling now and only on day 2! I've been drinking plenty of water but I feel so hungry n just want to eat! Isn't helping that my boyfriend lives away n he goes to afgan on Friday n thats it for 3 months.... Getting abit emotional and moody xxx

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