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Not dieting ATM!
I always add a little cold water to the powder and then gradually add in the hot water stirring all the time. I enjoy lump free soup this way but I know that many others will not drink the packs unless they have been put in the blender. Have a try fine for me.

Dizzy x
Agree with Dizzy. I make up my lunchtime soup every day exactly like this and never get any lumps. Actually, even at home I make them up like this and have never used a blender on any of them.

Peridot - I too was a secret squirrel and didn't utter a word to anyone at work until it all became too noticeable!
I rarely use a blender with my soups which is a good thing as I have them at work. I only have two favourite soup flavours and I find Thai Chilli quite easy to stir than the vegetable one.


has started again!!
Have any of you seasoned minis got some advice for a newbie on how to make one of the soup packs in a mug at work without humungous great lumps in it? Don't want to use a whisk or do anything to draw attention to myself (sssh all very secretive about it for now!)

Not for long, once the weight starts falling off you!!

As for lump free soups, I have never mastered making them smooth without my blender, hence always having a bar at work!

Best of luck anyway!
I have soup preparation off to a fine art :cool:. Do as follows:

1. Put a little freshly boiling water into a mug (about 1/4 full).

2. Add entire packet of soup mix.

3. Stir and stir while pushing the mixture against the side of the mug.

4. Keep stirring and pushing untill all visible lumps are gone.

5. Fill the mug with boiling water and mix once again.

6. Leave for about a minute and any 'escaping' lumps will rise to the top - Mix these against the side of the mug until dispersed.

7. Drink (or Eat - if like me your Mum insisted that soup can only be eaten and never drank!!!).

Enjoy!! Mushroom and vegetable mix up really well - no hard bits!!
Have to say I've been out & proud & used a blender!! Never managed to make a soup without it being lumpy & just cant drink them then!!
I got a mini whisk from the local £1 shop for this purpose and when they ask at work what I am doing I tell them it is a cup a soup and I cannot stand the lumps - Only now it is really noticible that I admit to dieting but no-one know how other than I have lost loads in a short time...........Good luck - or else fails make a bar into 10 biscuits and munch on them thru lunch time

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