Luna's Restart - from Full Moon to Crescent


Can't believe that this is my first on-line diary. I started LL in April 2005 and by mid-September I had lost more than 8 stones! Boy was I on cloud 9 and smug. I have veered between chubby and grossly obese since the age of about 6 (I'm now 40 :eek: ) and that was the thinnest I had ever been - and it was so easy. Yes, I knew maintenance was going to be tough - my head kept telling me so - but that old chatterbox told me I could now eat whatever I wanted, just like 'normal' people, without worrying about it.........

So here I am, 4 stones (or whatever, I am too scared to work it out exactly!) heavier, having tried several times to restart CD last year and failing and vowing to never ever try again. But I have my old feeling back for now.

Day 3 today for me. Headache has gone, but my stomach is still demanding I stop ignoring it. I am going hardcore though (ooh missus), no extras, no cheating, no taking days off. The one pair of trousers I can wear (just) won't hold out much longer, Spring is coming but is still far enough away to give me time to crack this nut.

Start weight: 13st 11lbs - large frame - size 16/18 bottoms, 18/20 top
Height: 5ft 6ins
Day 3 weight: 13st 6.75lbs
Target: 10st - 10st 7lbs

Better go attend to my ds now!
Hi Luna

Love your thread title. Well done on your restart, stay focussed and you'll do it.

Best of luck
A great start Luna!
We're very similar in several ways: I first started CD at the end of March 2005 and am now a re-starter / struggler.

We're both on day 3 and I have about 3st+ to lose to get to goal. Looking forward to sharing the journey with you :)
Russiandoll - race you!

Joke! Yes, as I said somewhere else, I'll hold your hand if you hold mine. We've both got kids as well, which means we have to deal with family meals/cooking/treats and leftovers!

And thanks everyone for the encouragement. I had to come here to save me from the contents of the fridge. I'm finding today so much harder than day 1-2 but at least I have strapped my pedometer back on and will aim for 10K steps per day again. Boredom is my other enemy, as is getting completely obsessed with losing this weight - it's taking up too much of my thoughts atm. Replacing me thinking about food I guess. Had my first pack at 1:30pm so am feeling better but ds's ham sandwich was looking particularly delicious today - and now he's watching 'Big Cook Little Cook' :eek: .
Day 3 yesterday and I was the ***** from hell! I had nothing but negatives thoughts about myself, the diet, 'normal' people, the future, blah blah blah....and to top it all AF came more than a week early without the usual warnings (which at least explained my jeans actually being tighter).....

.... and then I woke up today and felt so, so much better. My hunger has just about gone and I feel positive about what I can achieve. It helped that I went for a very long walk (nearly done my 10,000 steps already today :) ) which I love, love, love. There is nothing better than a long brisk walk on a cold, crisp day, plugged into my MP3 player loaded with my favourites tunes, day-dreaming and thinking just good thoughts, knowing that every step is melting a tiny bit more fat (and that I won't undo all my good work when I get home).

I had to pick some bits up in the supermarket and really tried this time not to linger as I normally do (when I don't have my ds hanging off my leg) because then I would just start thinking about all the treats I can't buy. A very good job too as I am also on a money diet atm ;) .
Day 5, weighed myself this morning and was 7lbs down! But I alternate between feeling really confident and excited to total dejection and self-doubting. Why can't they add some serotonin to the packs (natural source, natch ;) )? Was also slightly depressed that my dd notices much more this time round (1st time she was oblivious to what I was doing), now that she's older and more worldly-wise. Even ds, who's only 2, noticed I wasn't eating but I don't think he will remember! But my big paranoia is dd developing food 'issues' - I don't want her to have to go through what I have :( .

On the positive side I am sure I will make it through today, now that I have come back from the shops (where I usually would have 'treated' myself to something sweet and brown!) and have looked at some of the skirts I had bought the first time I got to goal (some size 8 :eek: - I can be slim of hip but have swimmers' shoulders and a barrel stomach).
Day 7 today and the week is nearly done and dusted (oh I know the morning is not over yet but I have to tell myself these things ;) ). Still alternating between complete confidence and nearly giving in - almost sub-consciously it seems as sometimes I have found a piece of food teetering on my lips before I've realised what I am doing :eek: .

Had a zero coke yesterday - I'm sure it's ok (had them when I did SS for a week and still lost a stone!) but this morning I had only lost .25 of a pound. That could be down to the natural slowing up that happens when you've got rid of your excess water and glycogen. Hmm.

So that's 8.25lbs lost in 6 days - slower than my first, second and third time so am feeling a tad disappointed. I know, I know, it's still a great loss, and I should look at the bigger picture but did I tell you I was the most impatient person in the world :) . But it does mean I am now officially no more obese but 'just' overweight :D

Oh and I want a ticker (stamps foot). I shall experiment some time....
Hiya Luna,
whenever I see your thread title reminds me of that Jaffa cake advert, you know the one where the teacher is showing the children a jaffa cake, saying 'full moon', then she eats half of it and says 'half moon' she does this over and over again :D:D:D

Congratulations to you on now being overweight, tis a great acheivement...

keep shaking :p and stay off those scales :)
Week 1 completed and my loss was.....da da da......10.25lbs. Hooray! Lost 2 lbs yesterday (must have been pesky AF water retention probably) so I now feel tis a respectable loss.

Don't know if it's psychological or physical but I feel loads better today. I have lost 1.5 inches off my (considerable) stomach and an inch off my waist and hips but don't think I look noticably different to others (no point in asking dh - he just says what he thinks I want to hear :eek: ).

I have been feeling quite weak so haven't done 10k steps a day. The rain hasn't helped as it's not fair to drag ds around in it, poor love. But he has made me play with his lego constantly, which is not really my idea of fun, even though I built a stonking jail for Scoop today:D . Note to self - get cracking on CV and look for job! And sort out a ticker!!
What a fantastic title for your diary - caught my eye immediately. Well done on your weight loss so far and even more congrats on restarting. Fab loss this week as a start too! Woohoo!! Brilliant that you are feeling loads better too (so important isn't it? )

Wouldn't have a clue how you work out 10k steps.. lol.. had a pedometer it had a mind of its own so short of muttering numbers all day I can't do that.. lol

Lego is good - can you make food from it? ;)

Well done again Luna and best of luck on this new journey. :D
Hi luna,

Congratulations!!!! 10.25lbs. is brill for the first week and this is great motivation for the week ahead!!!

Well done you:)

Here is the link for the ticker factory:

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You can preview it before you safe your signature.

You will find more information here on this link about setting up your tracker.

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Love Mini xxx
How weird - have just been reading your diary and felt really pleased for your getting into smaller sizes - it's a great feeling isn't it. When I first started I was size 26 on top and by the end was able to get into a 12 (size 10 very stretchy jersey m&s dress ;) ). You are well on your way!

Lol at lego food - maybe that could be my new hobby (although in my dark moments I probably wouldn't be able to resist a little nibble :eek: ).
:D thank you .. have NEVER been smaller than an 18 since leaving school so that will be a real red letter day for me when it finally arrives! Wow.. a size 10...can't even imagine it to be honest.. perhaps one day.. lol

hmm, not sure about nibbling the lego.. might end up with serious dental work! But I'd definitely be up for having a bash at trying to construct food with it.. lol Thanks for reading my ramblings.. :D
Had a sneaky weigh this morning (who am I trying to kid - not sneaky but far too regularly!) and have lost another pound which takes me into the 12s (by a quarter pound but it all counts ;) ). I am never going back up into the 13s - and I mean it this time. Forgot how great these mini-milestones feel. Next stop, back into my size 14 jeans (although, tbh, these 16s are still not quite right. Am hoping it's because this are £15 m&s ones that have shrunk or something as the tape measure says I am losing it as well).

Have already done my 10k steps (in the p*ing rain :eek: but needs must) and feel a bit cold and weak, and now have to go out a collect ds from nursery, but it's all in a good cause.

But on my walk I thought a lot about why I failed first time round and why it's going to be different this time.

1. I never, ever, ever want to go through this again!
2. When I reached target last time I was determined I would not use LL as a prop, but now realise that continuing to use packs occasionally, until I am well established, will not be a failure.
3. That I will always be a foodie and overeat occasionally but that I must put strategies in place to compensate for this.
4. I accept that I just cannot do a lot of low-fat food because it is tasteless and full of crap, so I shall use the Paul McKenna method of eating what I want but eating very very very slowly and allowing my self to get full before I've shovelled it all in.
5. That I shall try and build some lean muscle and continue doing loads of walking and maybe some jogging.
6. I accept that I will always have to watch my weight, and probably yo-yo, but this time I shall do something about it earlier, rather than get to this stage yet again.

I'm sure there are more but better go and get my little lad.