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Hi All. Have decided to create a diary in the hopes that knowing I am going to post my daily menu will make me stick to the diet!!
Lost 1 1/2 stone on WW last year but put it all back on while on holiday and over Xmas! I have decided I also need a stricter diet. Have started at 13st 3lb with hopes of getting down to 11st by my holiday an May and after that I can start wedding dress shopping!

Yesterday (Day 1) I had :
B - 1 Egg Scrambled with ham.
L - 1 hard boiled Egg, 1 oat pancake, ham
S - Prawns
D- steak with soy sauce, Ginger & garlic. S - Low fat natural yogurt with a sprinkle of sweetener.

Today was day 2 of attack :

B - scrambled egg & ham
L - hard boiled egg, ham & cottage cheese
D - chicken breast with low fat cream cheese & garlic
S - Oat Bran cookies & low fat natural yogurt.

Have had 1l of water today (struggling with my water intake a bit today) and a few teas with skimmed milk.

I worked out my 'true weight' on an app and it told me I needed to do 2 days of attack but this seems very low in comparison with what others are saying they are doing - any ideas?

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Have you read the book L-Lu? There are a few errors in your menu (soy sauce and cream cheese aren't ok on attack). Perhaps check out our FAQ post. I'd advise 3 days of attack.



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Thanks - yeah the recipe with the soy sauce is the luc lak beef from the attack phase meat recipes section? Also, bit worried about the cream cheese - thought I could have it as it is 0.2% fat? Can some clarify please - I don't want to mess up.

Am really enjoying this diet - best I have ever done! Have lost 8lb in 3 days!! And I didn't give in to the temptation of cookies and muffins bought into work for someones birthday!! :)