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Lyndzi's Diary - New Journey in Jan

I'm 5"8 and weight 15st 9lb (size 20 clothes)
Now on day 2 of the CD, met with my cdc yesterday(she was lovely)
I found day 1 easy loved the chocolate mint shake and chili soup.
Today been on a 10 mile bike ride, didn't feel weak at all. But have noticed my mouth tastes horid. Once home cooked a Sunday dinner for my in laws and hubby and I sat and at a bowl of potatoe and leek soup!!! But wasn't as bad as it sounded, I felt quite proud of myself...they then dived into chocolate cake while i had a green tea.
Just had choc bar for my tea and later (as i'm on 4 meals a day due to my height) i will be trying the vanilla shake I think.

When did you find the hard time started for you?
Did you suffer bad headaches?
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Laugh in the face of food
Hiya Lyndzi, welcome to the site. Well done for resisting all that temptation so early on!!!! I find day 4 to be the hardest point, it tends to be the time when I've just got into ketosis so the hunger and headaches have gone, and it's was the day I had a sneaky peak at the scales. Previously on other diets I'd treat myself if I'd lost weight (usually with food) by day 4 the weight is stasrting to come off and I wanted a treat. It was also the day where I wondered if I was doing the right thing, if I could do this diet for as long as it takes, at that point my target seemed so far away. BUT I wanted it so badly that I got on with SS and tried not to think about the long term.

I think if you approach it with a positive attitude you'll be fine, if you believe you can do it you will. Once you're in ketosis you'll be flying along.

The first time I did CD I had a massive headache on day 2, but I've never had them since when I've restarted. It's the only diet that I've ever managed to succeed at and get to target. And if I can do it, anyone can!! Good luck xxx


I am one of the 63336

Welcome and good luck. Drink loads of water and if you feel a headache coming on - don't try to sit it out, have a tablet as soon as it starts to 'niggle' and hopefully that'll help xx
Hi surfhunny & suepat thanks ford your reply and support.
Day 3 - woke up with a bad head!! Drank a toffee and walnut shake for breakfast(won't be doing that again, didn't agree with my taste buds)
Went for a walk and my headache cleared. Had original poridge for lunch.
I'm feeling quite well and chirpy now.

Been working out what I want to loose and when by...do you think it's possible to loose 1 stone in 2 weeks??

Right off for a pint of water now. Speak later x x


Laugh in the face of food
Hey hun, hope your headach has gone. I think a stone in 2 weeks is a good target to aim for, I was 16st 2lbs when I started CD the first time and I lost 17lbs in the first 2 weeks, so it can be done!! And like Suepat said, don't suffer with the headaches, take painkillers, just make sure they're the capsules or tablets WITHOUT shiny coating, cos the shiny coating is sugar based and could in theory delay you getting into ketosis. Keep up the good work xxx
I have loads to loose aswell :rolleyes:
I go on holiday in 2 weeks (only for 4 nights but its all inclusive, scared i will muck it all up) bu mt CDC has advised me to sick to fuit, salad, veg and meat and drink vodka and diet coke!!

What do you think?!?

I'm really stuggling this afternoon. As i previously mentioned had a headache this morning but that has cleared...now i'm feeling confused and really craving carbs (well to be pricise a bag of hola hoops) Think i may nip in the garden for an hour to clear my head.

Speak later x x :D
Please tell me it gets easier!! Really struggling tonight!!

Could eat my right arm...what do you do when your hungry?
Try having water it will sooonn pass, if not have a ss+ meal tuna in water, chicken, cottage cheese or cucumber.!

Some amounts to take hunger pains away, or an extra shake? x


Full Member
Hi Lyndzy

It DOES get easier when you are in Ketosis, stick with it as the results are more than worth it.

If I get hungry I have water, if that fails I have a Coke Zero (not advised by all CDC's - but mine had said it was fine and it doesn't affect my ketosis)or coffee with a splash of milk.

This diet worked wonders for me last time, but unfortuately I had to give it up without going throught the maintenance and went back to old habits. I wanted to lose about 8 stoneand got past 5 stone, so I know it can be done!!!!

Although my loss have been slower this time, I had managed to lose 2" from my waist in a week, so stick with it and the scales and/or tape measure will show you that your hard work has been worth it.

On my hols in 4 weeks time I will have two CD's with a 810 meal to try to stay away from temping food!

Stay with it!



Laugh in the face of food
Oh no, don't give in yet hun, once you get into ketosis it does get easier I promise!!! That knawing hunger goes away!! And once you've had your first weigh in and see the fab results it's usually enough to keep you going til your next weigh in.
Day 4

Feeling better today. No headaches, bit shakey but good.
Really don't want to eat, just had a chicken and mushroom soup, the soups keep making me feel sick??

Only 3 days to weight day...yeah x


Laugh in the face of food
The soups make me feel sick too. I don't know why. I can't even smell them now without wanting to puke, which is a real shame because I'd quite like something savoury. I partly why I do SS+ just so I'm not livinng off sweet things. Well done for making it to day 4. xxx
Hia Lyndzi

The first week is the hardest, it will get easier I promise. I love the chilli soup and I like a vanilla with hot water and a teaspoon of coffee. The chocolate tetra is nice frozen and eaten like ice cream and I love the toffee bars, felt so much better when I could start having bars.

Good luck for your 1st weigh in.

Think after this week will buy less soups and more shales. The chili soup was the first I had...it then went down hill!!
I my shake I have found I don't like is toffee and walnut:eek:

Because I'm 5"8 I have been told I need 4 meals a day but really do not feel like a third. I have porridge at 7.30, soup at 2pm and shake at 7pm. Should I force myself to have it?

How all your days been x x
I haven't tried them all yet but so far I don't like ..
*toffee and walnut shake
*leek and potato soup
*chicken and mushroom soup

I find the soups chalky.
So I really need to fit a 4th meal in before bed :0(

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