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Mad panic over inches


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that's more than possible, trust me! Have just had a look at my book and I lost more than that in 12 weeks. How many weeks till the big day now? Excited for you!


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14 weeks takes me until the end of April. I fly out on the 24th may and the wedding is on the 2 June. I'm hoping to leave final fitting as late as possible!

Thanks for checking your stats for me too!! I'm Really hoping to be the dress size down from there, but we will have to see. This is def more about inches than weight this time round!! I will be devastated if I don't get there. My dad has shelled out £700 on this dress. I honestly did not realise just how much weight I had put on!


Ready For Change!
Wow i cant believe how much weight you have already lost!!!

Good luck on reaching your targets!:cross: i'm sure you'll do it!
Yes! you will do it hun - stop worrying :)


yes very possible really put your mind to it mel you can do this xx
Stop worrying Mel and have a drink of water!


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I am thinking that I may have measured myself incorrectly !!!

According to my measurements this morning I have lost 3 inches off my waist (and 1 off my hips)

This seems quite alot in a week lol!!

But hey, either way I'm closer to the dress than I thought.


is loving CWP xx
It could be right Mel. I noticed in my first week I lost the lost inches as the bloatedness went away. Well done so far Mel, you're doing a great job x x


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Mel you are gonna do this easy peasy, trust me, its gonna slide off you, you have an incredible goal to work towards, just focus on how awesome you are going to look in that dress - like the bride you have always dreamed of being, and as SB says, have a drink of water and rock on girlfriend!!!

You guys are so great!!! Thank you x

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