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made it through m

Hi Antal and welcome

I have just finished day 3 and can tell you that it does get better. I have found that the slight headache and hunger pangs I had on day 1 have now gone and I feel fine - in fact had the best nights sleep I've had in ages last night. I think the water really helps.

You've come to the right place. This forum is really supportive and full of people who have been through or are going through the same thing.

Good luck and keep posting (there is a thread for April starters).

Johnny :D


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Hear, hear, Johnny!

It's great that there are so many other 'new starters' doing LL here at the moment. Hopefully you can all help and encourage each other. If you need advice from 'old timers' like myself, please feel free to ask!
your right about the headaches. Everytime i feel a headache coming on i reach for my water. or get up and do something to distract myself from it. I hope they get less and less as the days pass. how are you finding the diet? have you noticed any difference yet? Do you seriously like the shakes and soups or is it about just getting used to them?
The headache really does go away, I have been fine today. I find the packs do take a bit of getting used to (especially first thing in the morning) but try doing different things with them - I have been blending the strawberry and chocolate ones with plenty of ice and quite like them. I don't mind the thai chilli and chicken soup (I add pepper and tabasco). Some people cook with them (there is a thread with recipes in it) but I haven't tried this yet. I went for a pop-in yesterday because I wanted to swap some of my packs and was weighed by my LLC, had already lost about 4lbs but haven't put it on my ticker yet cos I couldn't quite believe it. Will wait for my week 1 weigh in on Friday.

Good luck
Johnny :D


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The headaches will reduce and disappear very soon Antal. You are absolutely right to keep drinking the water. Boring as it tastes, it is a fundemental key to good weight loss.

The tastes of the soups and shakes can take some getting used to but over the next few weeks you will experiment with them to find a way to make them palitable (sp.).

You can have the shakes hot or cold (the chocolate is nice hot). You can add coffee to the vanilla one and have that hot.

You can make poppadoms from the thai chile soup. An acquired taste.

I never really bothered much with all that fiddling though. I usually diluted the shakes and soups with at least 200 mls of water, often more.

Lets face it, you won't have much else to do with food over the next 100 days, so it can be nice to invent 'things to do with foodpacks to make them taste better'!

You will soon be given the option of the bars too. That's another story!! Hehehe:D


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G: 12st0lb
Hi Antal, you will get used to the taste, when I first started I gagged on the drinks, but now I love them ....yes thats right .....LOVE them.
Though I have to mix mine with extra water and now its getting warmer am adding ice.
As for the headaches drinking the water will help but you can also take your usual painkiller.
Hi guys, got through my 2nd day. boy am i glad the day is over. i felt more hungry today than i did yesterday. Everyone is saying that it takes 48 hours for your hunger to pass and for my body to kick into ketosis. Lets hope tomorrow is a better day. Going for my first pop-in to get weighed tomorrow. Hope i've lost something.
Hi antal I am on day 5 and can assure you I am feeling much much better than day 2!! I still get the odd headache and hunger pang but thats cos I am really struggling with the water!

Johnny - well done on the 4lbs loss, I lost 6 after my forst pop in so can't wait till my weigh in on saturday!

Can't believe this is actually working for me (was sceptical)!!


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Hi Maz,

I too was a bit sceptical at first. It seemed too good to be true. However, it does work!

I have just noticed that you are over in Fife - can you see me waving from Falkirk:wavey: !

Antal, how're you doing'?
Just wanted so offer hugs of encouragement! It is HARD week 1! I took time off work & was pleased I did and neary gave up on day 6 & felt so rotton but then starte to feel better! Just started week 5 & into more of a routine, not hungry or ill. Not had a migraine or IBS since I started which is nothing short of a miracle! Just take it a day at a time & post on here if you have questions or need support! It is hard but we all support each other and really do understand what you are going through so ask away!! Hope you all feel lifted by week 1 weigh in!! I lost 6ibs! Lesson I learned this week though is dont compare your weight loss to others..we all loose at different stages!!! Hang in there! It does get better & took me to week 3 to feel myself again but SOOO worth it! Big squidgy hugs to you!
:wavey: back at you AmandaJayne

In Search - Its funny you mention that, I have IBS too and although i'm only on day 6 I already feel a bit improvement!!

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