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Made it to day 3 ;)


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Just wanted to tell everyone i made it to day 3 on this diet so far. Really excited as i can't usually stick even one day of diets like this. As expensive as this program is, i do think it is worth it for the great support as this has been what is keeping me on track so far. Knowing i have to phone my locum at the end of the day gives me motivation to go on as i keep imagining myself having to confess to a binge-session and how hard that will be, so i just don't do it.

I have felt really hungry at times, and also really tired, but it is improving a little today. In my normal day, lunchtimes were always the hardest time for me, and this is proving to be the case on this diet so far too, to get through yesterday i had to go and lie down for 2 hours, read a book and take a nap. But i did it.

Have lost almost 4lb in the first 48 hours which is cool. I'm really excited to see what it will be by the end of the week. I really do hope it gets easier as time goes on because when the weightloss starts to slow down i know i'm going to lose motivation rapidly. Hope i really can stick it out.
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OK... i take back the part about it improving today. I went really downhill after writing my last post and had to lie down and could barely move. I feel like i've run a marathon and then gotten beat up at the end. Oh the things we do to ourselves just to be slim.... lol.
Hi Losing it, just to say well done you, you really are doing brilliantly. I remember that tiredness from the first few days of dieting but honestly, hang on in there, it really does get better (believe it or not, I could no longer lie in bed late at weekends after the first couple of weeks, I felt so full of energy I just wanted to get up and get on with things!).

Keep letting your Locum know how you are feeling, I know if she is as good as my one was, she will be there for you and will support you through it all, I know it isn't always easy but it does become easier as the days and weeks go on, promise.

Anyway, keep us updated and look forward to hearing how you are doing when you next post.

Take care,
Love Karen. xx
Hi everyone,

Can you believe it! I just spent ages writing a post and the website timed me out and I lost everything I wrote....AArrhhh

So cannot write another long post!

Just wanted to say, keep going Losing it, you will not look back, this diet really does help and the support you get from the locum that helps you, is brilliant! In fact I don't know what more they can do. Yours sounds good too. This time next week you will be flying along. It gets easier after the first week, so just hang on in there.

My idea on the long post ended in the new slogan for Howard's Way should be
'Howard's Way, the diet that really does care'. They will probably laugh their heads off if they read it. They wouldn't make a lot of money with me doing their promotional stuff.

Keep posting and letting us know how you are doing.

Well done Karen, you are doing really well!

Come back Lady gaga and Abbie.

love Holly.XXX


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Thanks for the support. Yes, my locum seems lovely - she is very firm but friendly at the same time, which is just what i need i think!

Almost completed day 4. Today has been very different. I haven't had the physical problems so much today, no feelings of starvation more like just a nagging light hunger. Today has been more about the psychological side of things for me. I've been daydreaming about food all day, right down to the finest detail, exactly what i'd like to be eating, etc. Even been obsessing about the next time i get to drink a diet milkshake, which luckily is allowed 3 times a day ;).

Got ketones today which is great news. A bit confused though because i did 3 separate tests today and only one of them showed clear ketones, the other 2 were only 'traces' or clear. Not sure if it's because i just went into ketosis and am not fully there or what. More likely, i think it is because i have been drinking a lot and my urine is too dilute to register properly - which in itself is confusing too because i wonder what the exact conditions are meant to be under which to test. Maybe i should only test once a day from now on and not be so obsessive and then i wouldn't be confused!

Yes, they do seem to care more than most other diets i've been on.

Well here's hoping for a nice weightloss when i wake up tomorrow... ;)
Hi Losing it and everyone,

Before I say how well you have done, I need to say sorry for vanishing again.
I was rushed away on business and I now need to contact my Locum so I can get an update on my weight loss etc. I know it is good, because my clothes feel so big on me now. So will let you know how I get on.

Well done Losing it, you are doing fabulous. I am really glad you are starting to feel better. Don't worry about the ketones, only do them once a day or when you phone your locum or you will run out of sticks! Once you go in properly (as they say), you will be fine. I think mine was day 5. Your weight loss is brilliant and the way you are posting will really help, because you will be speaking (Or should I say writing) to people who have done Howard's way diet and can tell you how they got on. I have found it such a help. My locum is like yours, she's funny, warm and friendly, but very firm.

Karen and Holly, good to see you are both doing well. I have read that Lady gaga has gone missing? I will post on other threads to see if she is around;).

Love Abbie.XX


really trying again!
Well done 'losingit' and welcome to the forum. There is so much fab support on here and it's lovely to chat amongst people who have been there and know how you feel. I did HW a few years back and lost 8 stone on it but sadly was naughty and didn't do maintenance so am back trying to do it all again. Well done on getting to Day 4- you really are getting over the worst bit now chick. Keep strong, keep drinking and rest up- you will sure have an amazing loss next week. I look forward to following your journey xxx
Well done Losing it, you are doing just fine and good to hear back from you too, Abbie, I know Losing it will find your advice invaluable, with you having done it by post too as it is a bit different for me and Holly having done our weight loss with Howards Way through the groups.

Welcome back Lady Gaga, too! Hope you're ok.

Love Karen. xx


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Thanks for the messages everyone ;).

abbie, i won't run out of ketostix because i have 2 bottles which i bought when i was doing atkins once. Although i'm definitely not going to test too often now!

ladygaga,... i have previously lost around 2 stone and just put it all back on, but in total to reach a healthy BMI have to lose around 8 stone. It's soul destroying having to go back to square one, and i can only imagine how much harder that is for you having previously lost 8 stone - i'm finding it hard enough having just put this last 2 stone back on.

Well, now on day 5 and still alive! Feeling good but also bored and the pork pie in the fridge keeps calling my name. Sighs. I'm not actually hungry even!


really trying again!
Be carefulwith the ketostix- they are not that reliable in fairness. I have 2 different bottles and both vary from saying zero to 8+!! As long as you are not hungry then you are probably in the zone as I like to call it!

I can totally empathise with weight gain having been there plenty times before. I lost 8 then put it all back on plus 2 more so made me need to lose at least 10 stone to get to where I got to last time! Sounded such a daunting task at the beginning so have broken it down into smaller chunks and slowly am getting there- now only 6 stone to go (she says only!!!!!)

I also did the HW plan by post back then but am following a different plan now but in my opinion they are all the same.

Good luck with it and steer clear of the pork pie hehehe! Take care xx
Hi 'losingit' well done on your weight loss and keep up the good work, i was wondering could you tell me how the diet works or how id go about starting it please. :D


really trying again!
Google Howards Way Diet and it will take you to their website and tell you more about it.


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Well, i made it a full week! Lost 10lbs ;). And it's getting much easier now most of the time, just the odd psychological battle when i see my daughter messing around with her dinner and not really eating it - it's hard to not eat the leftovers like i used to.


really trying again!
Woo hoo....well done indeed 'losing it' on your fantastic first week loss. You have done so well and are clearly reaping the rewards. Hope you have given yourself a big pat on the back. Sadly those psychological battles don't get any easier (well for me anyway) but you certainly learn to control them and not give in! Look forward to hearing what your progress will be next week x
Just back from weekend away so thought would post quickly before tackling washing pile (okay, so I'm putting it off!)

Well done losingit, you have had such a great first week. Think it does get easier after that, well certainly after the first 2 weeks anyway, cos when you're in ketosis and once you've stayed there for a while, you really do seem to develop a detachment from food which means you know you can't eat it, so you wouldn't even consider it and so it doesn't bother you all that much. Not sure how well I explained that but know it was that way for me, anyway.

Anyway, can't put it off any longer, must go to sort the washing out...:sigh:

Look forward to hearing from you again soon,
Love Karen. xx


really trying again!
Hope you've had a nice weekend away Karen- where did you go? I'm still holding in there and being a good girl. Another 5lbs off this week so have smashed through the 4 stone marker now and got my BMI under 40 and my losses just over 20%....feels good.

Hope everyone else is doing ok xx
Well done Lady Gaga, so much better healthwiseI know being under BMI 40 from what my Locum said when I did the group. And you must be pleased with that weight loss.

Went up to see family in Lincolnshire, lovely to catch up but just keeping my fingers crossed that my weigh in is okay tonight, as my auntie does make lovely cakes! I was good though and only had 2 little(ish!) pieces over the weekend, my Locum's face kept popping into my brain when I was tempted to have another piece! Know she'll laugh when I tell her later.

Anyway, speak again soon.
Love Karen. xx
Hi lady gaga,
You are so good with the supporting bit. I felt really bad not posting, but as I said on one of the other threads, I have had a tough time at work and my Locum as been fantastic. I feel like, if I had not been having such a bad time I could haved posted more and helped Losing it............but hey, she may come back and try again when the time is better for her.
How are you getting on?
Look forward to hearing.,,,,
Love Abbie.XX


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Well, the most important thing is to make sure you are 100%, although it's really sweet that people care so much here.

I have actually started Exante now as it gives me more flexibility to switch between plans which right now with all the upheaval is what i need i think.

I'll still be checking here though and seeing how everyone is doing. Thanks for all the help :)

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