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Mad's food diary

All these days are extra easy - week 1
WED-day 1-
Ham omleete cooked in butter (nothing else in and pan was rubish put down as 6.5 syns as wasnt sure so put it down as if i cooked it in oil.)

Bacon, turkey mayo toasted sandwich (bread taken as heathy extra and mayo syned 2.5)

pork lions, potatoes and gravey (2 1/2 syns for gravy)
3 bananas 1 satsumer (over the course of the day)

Thurs- Ham omlette cooked in nothing (new pan brought)

potatoe skins with ham
2 bananas
home made chicken chow man all ingrediants added together and devided into portions (4syns)

bacon, turkey mayo (2 1/2 syns) toasted sandwich
potatoe skins with ham

chicken fillet and ham omlette
mint hi fi bar (6syns)

bacon, ham toasted sandwichand mayo (bread taken as heathy extra, 2 1/2syns for mayo )
ham omleete
2 jacket potatoes with prawns and mayo (2 1/2 syns )
viannesse finger (7syns put it down as vienesse whirls as was closest i could find)
muller light yoghurt

hi fi (taken as h.e) muller light yoghurt apple
roast chicken, potatoes, yorkshire pudding, carrots and califlower (41/2 syns )
jacket potatoe with 28g cheese (taken as h.e)
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hi fi bar (h e b) muller light yoghurt apple.
turkey, h
am mayo (2 1/2 syns ) toasted sandwich
steak and potatoes, muller light yoghurt, apple

after this weeks food and being 1st week i lost 5lbs
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muller light yoghurt,
bacon, egg, sausage brown sauce sandwich (71/2 most of that for one sausage as didnt find out till after could buy syn free sausages, bread taken as h e )
muller light yoghurt
steak and potatoes

fruit salad with muller light yoghurt over the top,
prawns in batter home cooked (10 syns?)
cooked breakfast (5 syns for hash browns and brown sauce bread taken as h e )

fruit salad & hi fi bar (taken as he)
ham, cheese, chicken potatoe skins (cheese as h e )
prawn crackers chicken in black bean sauce and rice (7 1/2 syns )

hi fi bar (taken as h e) fruit salad
ham omlette & muller light yoghurt
Shepards pie (made with turkey mince) 6 syns (for milk, butter and gravy) cheese taken as h e.
fruit salad, egg, bacon, sausage sandwich with brown sauce (3 syns for the brown sauce bread taken as h e)
egg and bacon quiche with prawn cocktail jacket potatoes. (bread taken as h e and cheese in quiche taken as h e a) 6 syns for cocktail sauce

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fruit salad

ham omlette (chesse taken as h e)
prawn cocktail roll ( 5 1/2 syns for roll and sauce)

ham and cheese melted on toast (bread and cheese taken as h e)
chicken potatoes and gravey (2 1/2 for gravy)
muller light yoghurt,2x bananas, hi fi bar bbq chicken, potatoe squares and ice cream ( took this as my first flexi syns as couldnt find how many syns they was) hi fi (h e)
banana, muller light, 2 xs bananas. low fat super noodles, muller light yoghurts. hi fi (h e) 0 syns all day

apple, 3 x muller light, banana, chicken fillet jacket spud with home made bbq sauce, hi fi bar (taken as h e) toffee crisp 11.5 syns
muller light, fruit salad, hi fi bar (taken as hex b)
2 rolls (7 syns) with roast chicken and mayo (1 1/2 syns)
bachlors chicken rice

banana, muller light, hi fi bar
roast chicken, potatoes, yorkshire pudding (3syns) gravy (2 1/2 syns)
muller light yoghurt


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sunday- hi fi bar (h ex b)banana, muller light, roast chicken , roast potatoess, yorkshire pudding (3 syns) gravy (2 1/2 syns)

monday- hi fi bar, mullerlight chicken fillet in roll and chips (20 syns maybe less) banana

losing 3 and 1/2lb


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tuesday-muller light fruit salad, hi fi var, chicken burger mayo roll chips (not sure on syns so if anyone knows will be greatfull)
wednesday red day- mullerlight, strewberrys, poached egg bacon mullerlight, chicken and prawn stir fry, toast x1 and hi fi bar (taken as hex b) brown sauce (3 syns)
thursday- fruit, mullerlight, low fat super noodles, cinema hot dog (not sure on syns)
friday- muller light apple chicken hi fi bar
saturday- apple sausage bacon 2 x eggs 1 toast (taken as h ext b) chicken chow main (4 syns)
thnk you
ok i been a bit naughty i havent been writing my food diary down first week of maintaing i should realy, i will as from tuesday. xxx

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