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Magazines GGGRRRR!!


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I treat myself to a couple of mags every week now and I finally love looking through all the fashion pics and thinking (at last) I could wear that!!

However, it angers me how much the magazines devote to celebs weight!! I probably didn't notice it as much before but it really annoys me now!! For instance there was an article saying how Coleen Rooney had put on 4lbs since January!! I mean for goodness sake!! Is that a big deal??? 4lbs in 4 months?? Gee whizz!!

Oh but theres more (bear with me as I need to get this off my chest :D) Daniella westbrook is too skinny Kerry Katona is just right now she has got rid of her lard (I don't mean Mark Croft :p)

Only last week it was Charlotte Church has lost a MASSIVE 2 stone. Yet she said she has no issue with food and would be happy as a size 20 or a size 8. But of course she is saying that when she is her slimest ever. :confused::confused:

I hate all these mixed messages in the media. No wonder we are all over the place when it comes to size etc.

Ok rant over!!
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irish molly

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There never appears to be a happy medium!!! Whatever happened to just being in a healthy BMI range. These mags put terrible pressure on very young girls to copy their idols. Just last night, my friend's daughter who is twelve worried that her jeans made her look too fat!!!! The girl is thin and tall, what more could she want!!!!!!
Being too fat is bad for you but being too thin is also just as bad for you!!!


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totally agree, my 7 yr old said she was going on a diet the other day cos shes fatter than lady gaga! quickly nipped that in the bud, abbey is very tall for her age and has the makings of a J-LO butt like her dad but she is no way over weight, she got all this from a teen mag her 6yr old friend brought to school!! madness!


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you are completely right.....however i must admit the more weight i put on, the more interested in celeb's weight gain i seem to be!!

What is hilarious (in a sick way) is how much the mags were going on about Charlotte Church's amazing weight loss, how she's never looked better and so on, yet now the tide has turned and she is being labeled as going too far and how she might have an eating disorder!! Crazy Horses!!

i really felt for Natalie Cassidy and her very public weight battle. She seems like a genuine person, who thought enough is enough and lost a butt-tonne of weight, however she likes her lifestyle, and she just couldn't keep that amount off. The only problem is now the media concentrates on nothing but her weight fluctuations. I mean how horrendous for her that she was dying to say she's pregnant and not "just fat" to get the media speculation of her back.

I feel very scared for todays kids as conveinance food is so bloody accessible and the media is packed full of diet stories, and obese nightmares!
The media is doing nothing but breed the next generations of emotional eaters.......

......and now my rant is over too!!!

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