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Magic knickers

I have tried M&S magic knicks- they do work, reduced me by a size- BUT they push your tummy up and its really uncomfortable- alright for a meal out or a few hours but not recommended for all day!
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I've got some M&S magic knicks but I could really have done with a magic body-suit! All that happened was that the fat travelled north like a a tsunami of lard and spilled out over the top ... not a pretty sight!

Might work really well if you've lost most of the fat and just want to control a bit of a wobbly tum :)
Hi Nat

I have to agree with the others. They are scary things:eek: I've got some, It took me ages to get into, firstly trying to get them up my thighs they left a ridge just above my knee where they stopped, so no tight trousers or skirt for that matter cos if anyone got a flash of them...street cred gone forever!! Then over the bum...got to admit that looked quite good, then up to about bra line...still had a few bulges, but not too bad. Then at the top it all exploded out of control, so therefore no tight top either:(

Gave hubby a quick flash...he hadn't seen anything so funny in years, said something along the lines of trussed turkey. So then I had to peel it off and go back to the unflattering baggy ensemble that at the time was my trusted friend!

Moral of the story.

They look good on the blooming stick thin models that promote them, but in reality, well they're just pants;)

Moral of the story.

They look good on the blooming stick thin models that promote them, but in reality, well they're just pants;)


:D See girls i think they are just a magic trick to decieve the male of the species and like the wonder bra can be a let down when removed, i have`nt laughed so much in ages reading this thread. :D
I have some and I have to agree with tracey, after all its gotta go somewhere, usually above or below!

I do wear them sometimes, however, its damn hard getting them on, and then if you want to go to the loo on your night out, forget it, you need at least 2 pairs of hands to get the beggars on!!! Breathing becomes a chore after a while too!


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I brought the Trinny and Suzannah ones the other day.

They come with inrtuctions for how to put them on!!

They did give me a better shape, but they didnt have a pee hole like other (less comfortable) ones Iv had, so I gave them a miss. There was no way I could be peeling it off and on eveytime I wanted to go to the loo, especially as I was going out drinking, I would have needed to pee often!! lol
Hi there

I have some slimming knickers and they're great, can't remember what they're called but I got them from Ideal World (TV shop).

They come to just under the bust and down to my knees and are fab for under jeans and really comfortable. I do agree though, if you're going out drinking they're probably not the best thing to put on as you have to sort of jig about when pulling them back up!

Hope this helps.


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hello all , thanks for the replies, I guess its a mixed bag, some people like them some dont, I have decided to try them and have ordered some on ebay for £10 less than rrp, so hopefully I will get on with them, I have worn firm control briefs for years so maybe will not find the extra squeeze too much to deal with, now if i could just get some magic bands for my bingo wings id be made up:p
:) Hey Nat how did you get on with the knickers? My friend said hers kept rolling down to her waist and that kind of put me off!


a bit different everyday
oooooh i knew i fogot to update something!!
mrs pink i think they are fab!!
i think the trick is to get them exactly the right size for you or they would roll down, mine dont roll down at all, and dont leave a ridge by my knee either, so I have to give them a thumbs up
also not to bad going to loo, havent had any probs so far!!
give them a go
nat xx

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