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Magic Mummy's struggle to be skinny

Originally posted in the wrong place so first few posts are copy and pasted from the last day or so...

Well I thought that this might motivate me if I post a diary on here.... Even if no one reads it, I think it will help me to focus!

Right, Story so far is that I started SW in January and weighed 19st 1lb. Had a good start and then went to Eurodisney and have been finding it difficult to get back on track since then. I am currently 18st 10lb so am really pleased with the loss so far but I know I have a long long long way to go.

This week my Oh's niece and her friend have been to visit so have not been sticking to it at all as we have been taking them out everywhere. They have gone back today so now I have no excuse and am going to go for it big time from tomorrow.

I am going to read the new SW magazine from cover to cover and plan my next 7 days menu so there is no excuse!

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Just bought my kids a giant cuddly bunny each and just one small egg each, the less temptation in the house the better.

They aren't really that bothered about chocolate so I think that they will love their bunnies.

I have a nice bottle of wine that I am about to open... Its weird but I can't wait until tomorrow as it feels good to be in control of what I am eating :eek:
chicken breast, chopped into small chunks

onion, finely chopped
red pepper, seeded and chopped
2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
long grain rice
1tsp dried thyme, oregano & chilli powder/flakes
2 tins chopped tomatoes (I like the ones with chilli in)
Bovril chicken stock (twice the volume of the rice)

In a large pan, cook the chicken until lightly browned.

Add the onion and peppers and cook until soft.
Add the garlic and rice and cook for 5mins stirring constantly.

Add the thyme, oregano, chilli and chopped tomatoes. Cook for 2 mins.

Add the hot stock and bring to the boil, then cover and simmer over a low heat for 20 mins, or until the rice is cooked.

I love this and used to add chorizo to it as well as a bit of tomato puree. You can add loads of extra things like prawns, sweetcorn or forzen peas.

Add a dollop of fat free natural yoghurt or fromage frais to it and it is so yummy and filling.:p
Well I am back on it and feeling really positive!

Had a banana for breakfast - not much I know but we decided to go swimming when we got up so didn't have much time.

For lunch I have had homemade leek and potato soup - Dead simple to make, I just flung baby leeks, potatoes, onion and a chopped up rasher of bacon into a pan with some bovril chicken stock and boiled it for half an hour. It was gorgeous and I would have had it with WW brown danish bread but I couldn't get the loaf out of the freezer drawer :confused::confused:

We have just got back from the beach where we went for a paddle in the sea but it was bloody freezing... the sun seems to be shining everywhere but on the beach. Still my little girl loved her paddle!

For tea we are having Jambalaya, I posted my recipie on the recipies thread but will put it here as well as it is so yummy...........

The only thing is, I always burn the bottom of the pan when I cook it like the recipie above so I decided to give it a whirl in the slow cooker..... Not sure how that will turn out but it smells nice so far!
Right don't try making the jambalaya in a slow cooker.... Not good
Just dropped my little girl off at her grandads for a sleepover and my little boy is sound asleep upstairs. Oh is playing world of warcraft quite happily in the dining room so I have a rare moment of peace!

Not sure what to do now though.... Watch 90210 (taped from last Monday), have a bath and read my slimming world mag in bed or make something to eat as I didn't eat the soggy red mush that was supposed to be jambalaya :rolleyes:

Decisions decisions decisions. :p:p:p:p

Me and OH are both off work tomorrow so I hope the weather stays nice, I have been trying to get him to go to Flamingo Land with the kids but seeing as I won't go on any scary (and most non scary) rides, he ends up going on them all twice - once with each of the kids. We just went to Disneyland Paris last month so I think he feels like he has had his fair share of rides for now - will have to work on him a bit more I think :D

I am going to have a bath I think and hope that I dont wake Johnny up. He has just turned 4 and loves having a bath. He has a tupperware containter that he fills with all of his little kinder egg toys and takes in the bath with him. He calls them his fishes. He really wants real fish but we do not have a good track record.

We won a fish from a local funfair and kitted him out with a top of the range fish pad and everything that a fish could need. Troy must have thought he was the luckiest fish alive - we even bought him a girlfriend after a week or so. Troy and Sharpay lived happily together in fishy luxury until one morning about three weeks after we got Troy, he stopped swimming about and just floated around, then he went of his fishy flakes and the day after Troy died. Sharpay died a few days after of a broken heart I think :sigh:

So less than a month after we got them they both died.... The kids keep asking for another pet but I have said that will not be happening anytime soon :D

Anyway off to have a nice (quiet) soak in the bath.


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Your story of the fish made me laugh. We had fish when we were students as they were the only animals the landlord would let us keep. We spent a fortune (for students) on fish equipement - tank, stones, filter etc etc. The first two we had died the first night - belly up by 7am. Took them back to the shop assuming they were from bad stock. Got two more. The same thing happened. Re read fish book - yes we were doing everything right. Went to different shop assuming we had gone to bad fish shop - got two more fish - same thing happened. Decided it would be cruel to get any more fish as obviously killing them for some unknown reason. My little boy now loves fish and asks for a pet fish every day but how can we when I quite sure the thing would die after 12 hours in my company. Just wouldn't be fair on the fish or my son. Have had a cat for 7 years and not killed that yet!

Is that Flamingo Land in Yorkshire near Pickering? We got to Yorkshire on hols every year and go there - absolute love it.

I know what you mean about having a bath with little ones sleeping - always arisk but so worth it for a long relaxing soak!
Ha Ha - glad to know its not just me that can't manage to cope with fish..... I wouldn't dare get a cat in case they went the same way as Troy and Sharpay did:eek:

Thats the same Flamingo land that I wanted to go to, the kids love it but my OH decided that we weren't going there and promised the kids that we would go to the giant car boot sale near us and they could buy some treats.....Never bothered to check if it was on today though and the kids are now gutted as it cancelled due to redcar races being on!


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Sounds like my hubbie - always making promises to the kids that he can't keep. He has the best intentions but never thinks anything through.... !!

We aren't doing anything fun today as hubbie trying to get bathroom finished (half decorated) so I'm sat here with the kids and listening to the easter eggs shouting eat me eat me EAT MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Hope you managed to avoid the Easter eggs... I did but then a piece of choc cake just flung itself at me and made me eat it:break_diet::break_diet: No more syns for me today then!
My menu today has been:

Extra Easy
Breakfast - 2 fried eggs on toast (heb & 1 syn)

Snack - Banana

Lunch - Finished off yesterday's leek and potato soup

Snacks - A plum and a slice of chocolate cake (not sure about the syns but I thought maybes about 10???

Tea - Starter: (get me!) Mushrooms with sprinkle of cheese (heb)
Main: Small pork escalope, chicken, Morrisons sausages, mushrooms, beans and a few baby new potatoes.

Ended up having a bit of a spring clean this afternoon and have a big bag of toys from my daughter's room to go on freecycle. You would not believe the mess in her room.... everytime I opened a drawer or a cupboard it practically exploded with toys and rubbish. What the betting that the room is a mess again by next week!!!! Might attempt son's room next week.

Has anyone else got a Pandora bracelet? I have just put mine on e bay as it is too big for me now and I don't want to risk it falling off and getting lost. I love mine so hope to get enough to buy me a new smaller one. Don't know how it will sell though as I bet people will be wary in case it is a fake. My OH bought it for me for christmas and I have about 10 charms for it so far - one is a silver cupcake with a gold cherry on top that oh bought me as I said I couldn't eat cakes on SW.....

Back at work tomorrow and am dreading it.... :cry:I have really enjoyed my long weekend with the kids and I hate being at work when they are off. When I win the lottery it won't matter though.......:rolleyes::rolleyes:

Its my weigh in day tomorrow and after the week that I have just had I am not very hopeful for a loss but I can't wait till I have weighed myself so I can draw a line under this week.

You know when you click [more] on the smiley's thing, there are some really weird ones.... There is one where I can't decide if they are whipping a horse or eating it!! Whats that all about?


and there is the kissass one, I like that one?

then there's my favourite one...:whoopass:


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God what is that horse thing all about??!! Very strange!

I'm back to work tomorrow too - only 2 days this week tho so ok ish! I actually manage to stick to my diet better at work as I'm so busy and not surrounded by kiddie treats like when I'm at home!
Yeay 1.5lb off today.... Not sure how after the week I have had!!!

My OH says that its because I shaved my legs last night ;) (is that too much information lol)

Had a crap first day at work today, I always hate going back after a long weekend off. It was so busy today that I didn't even have chance to leave my desk for dinner.... good job I took my lunch today otherwise I would have been starving..... There, whinge over.

I am quite pleased as my bracelet is selling on e bay for £25 so far and it still has six days left. I hope I get enough to buy a new one in the size down :D

Not much else going on here and its treat night tonight so having a chicken kebab with garlic sauce - yummy. I was going to go without treat night this week but I changed my mind at the last minute when I was tidying the kitchen and heard the pizza place menu calling me... I decided to do my bit for local businesses and order one. After all their profits must have been drastically reduced since I started SW!


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Well done on your loss this week - esp good in light of long weekend with temptation everywhere!

If a treat night keeps you going all week then go for it! And enjoy it!


HAHA!!! loving your diary!!! And I know what you mean about the pizza menu!!! I am sure that all the fast food outlets by me are missing my business. I am having, on average, 3 menus from 3 different places, shoved through my door on a daily basis!!!!!! LOL!!!
Keep up the good work xx
Aaaw thanks for your nice comments :D

I am off tomorrow - yeay - got to get up early though to take my little girl to Pony Care day at the local stable! She gets to muck out horses, groom them, feed them and walk them which for the grand price of £31.00 is a bargain :eek: Either that or child labour....

My day started really badly when I missed my train to work and had to wait half an hour for the next one. Its funny getting the train to work, everyone gets the same train everyday and most people sit in the same seat day in day out.

There is one woman who gets on with her shopping trolley every day, she once told me that she hated the hot weather as it made her bits itchy!!! :9529::sign0137: Then there is the woman who wears stripy tights and flowery skirts everyday and I ended up spending the whole journey looking at pictures of her 'lickle baby boy' - which was a BUDGIE. :eek:

And the moral to that story is, when you're on a train keep your eyes down and your ipod on!

Had a bit of a boring day at work, I'm not as fed up as I was yesterday but I think thats because I am off tomorrow.

Managed to have time for some lunch today but as I forgot to take my dinner I had to buy a ham sandwich from the canteen, which cost a small fortune. £2.45 for a two slices of wholemeal bread and some packet ham is ridiculous... If I wasn't so hungry I would have boycotted the shop.

Got a nice SW friendly chilli cooking away in the slow cooker so I can freeze it in lunch sized portions. Not that I ever remember to take it with me! One of these days I will be organised.

For tea tonight I had mushrooms, egg, pork steak thingys, chicken and some morrisons sausages. I fancy something sweet now but not sure what to have. We are all out of muller lights so might have to have a bit of chocolate egg (just a bit though...I haven't had any syns yet so can have a bit... can't I? Or would I stop at a little bit... You're right best not even go down that road!)

Off to watch the apprentice now
OMG just realised how long my post was, to anyone who got to the end..............

Sorry ;)

Not sure how this will turn out.... I have copy and pasted it from a site that I have found to track weight loss.
I have been using a spreadsheet that evanesco kindly made to chart my weight loss and I love it but one of my friends just told me about a site that she uses to track her weight loss so I just had a quick look and made the graph in my post above.

I have set a mini target of 15 st by 1 July which is probably a bit ambitious but will give it my best. It tells you how much you need to lose each month to be on track for your target and you can make little comments if you want to that will be displayed on the graph.... things like star week or slimmer of the week.

The site is called fridge graph if anyone fancies a go. I will def be keeping mine up to date!

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