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Slow but sure....
Magic Porridge

Mullerlite Yoghurt
28g Porridge Oats

Just mix a mullerlight with 28g porridge oats in a bowl & leave in the fridge overnight.....and enjoy hot or cold, although cold is really nice..especially with a sliced banana.

Could be eaten for breakfast or as a dessert.

There are no syns in 'magic porridge' if you count the porridge oats as 1 HEXB,

But, if you have to syn the porridge oats they are 5 syns per 28g
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Is so very nearly there!
Im gna try this - what flavour yog do you use?


Full Member
as an alternative, so you don't use a HEXB on a green day you can cook up some pudding rice with water and sweetner and mix with your muller - completely free.

I have tried both and both equally yummy :eek:)


Is so very nearly there!
Iv just made it lol!

Ill let you know the outcome in morn! I used WW toffee yog x
I made this last night and had it this morning-I tried it cold first and then decided to warm it up, it was really nice, thanks for letting us know


Reached Target. woohoo
Thanks for recipe hun, will give it a go. x Loobylou
Gonna syn it with a layered mullerlight, having dessert for breakfast. It looks delish!!


Reached Target. woohoo
Had Magic porridge for breakfast today OMG its gorgeous, made it with Mullerlight banana & custard yogurt and had chopped banana with it. Thanks for the recipe, gives me more variety at breakfast time, would actually have it as a pudding too. xxx Loobylou


Slow but sure....
No Sonia - the oats swell while they are in the fridge overnight and soak up all the yoghurt (that's the magic bit) and it tastes delicious and creamy - you could warm it slightly in the microwave if you prefer, but don't make it hot in case it curdles the yoghurt.

Enjoy, I know you will. X

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