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    i first weighed myself properly on the 3rd of june where i was pretty horrified to discover i weighed 9st 13lb...i know it doesnt sound like a huge amount but somewhere between christmas and june i gained ATLEAST 1 1/2 stone...probably 2 stone to be honest as i lost a fair bit september-november due to one reason and another which i arent really sure of but it wasnt intentional.

    Anyway once i relaised my jeans were getting to tight for me and starting to hurt my belly i decided it was time to make a change sooner rather than later before i went down the slippery path of continually gaining more and more. However it took me a few months to get the will power to make a change and it wasnt untill the summer holidays (July) that i seemed to be so much easier when i wasnt at college as i didnt have the boredom eating issue.

    i decided that it would be a bad idea to weight myself to often so i decided once a month would be sufficient.

    i havent made any radical changes to my diet i simply try to eat less junk food...le4ss biscuits...crisps....cakes....chocolate...midnight munching etc... and i also started to walk places alot more.

    It has been 3 months now since i started and i am pleased to day i have lost 12lb and i now weigh 9st 1lb...i have had a fair few relapses over the months however the numbers have continued to fall to my great amazment and i am very happy with what i have achieved for someone who 6months ago hated to hear the word `diet`and thought anyone on a diet was just tastes tooooo good for that! but i am achieving a great amount for personal benefit and there are only a select few people who are aware of my efforts and achievements.

    i havent got a target weight as such but at the moment i would like to get back to my original weight of about 8st 6/7lb...however myefforts are mainly based on the layer of fat and it is my primary aim to eradicate the anoying piece of flab which never used to be there! As soon as the layer stops sitting on top if my jeans i will be happy :)

    ...ill probably update this whenever i feel the need weigh day is begining/ middle of november...hopeing to be under 9st by then...seeing at 8 on the scales will be wonderfull :D

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    Welcome to Minimins, our friendly forum. Good luck on ur weight loss journey. Stick with it and you'll reach ur goal.
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    well done on what you have achieved, you've done very well
  5. Tazzi

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    Well done so far. Minimins is a great place to keep focused. X
  6. Neil&Ash

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    well done so far,keep up the good work
  7. xxxamyxxx

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    Thanks everyone :) i just need to work on breaking my biscuit addiction! :p

    i came off chocolate and ended up on biscuits instead...although i suppose they are better than chocolate bars...especially if i have rich tea biscuits :p

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    The stress, alcohol, and lack of money diet
    Oh, I don't know, I'd say those rich tea's can be pretty dangerous too... I went from digestives, to rich teas, to water crackers.

    It sounds like you have a really good diet, so keep it up!
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