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Maintainance words of wisdom...

I guess I will post the wisdom that I used.

If you believe, you will achieve!
Worked for me, I believed and I have achieved!
Constant vigilance!
You ain't a kidding Jane, awareness speaks volumes!
"You know how to take charge of your life and transform yourself into the person you want to be, all you have to do is make the commitment to yourself and believe in yourself enough to keep your commitment."
Constant vigilance!

JANE!!!!!!!!!!! Fab to see you here!!!!!

Missed ya.

Erm, sorry, words of wisdom...

Think, before you shove it in your mouth x


Gone fishing
LOL Vicky :D

I have a few words that I tell myself to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Don't do anything to maintain my weight, but do everything possible I can to be healthy and take care of myself

Remind myself that I used to be that way, but now I'm different

When I can't be bothered, just do it anyway. I don't have to always feel like making good choices, in the same way as I still need to go to work whether I feel like it or not. Just get on with it.

It's always the right time. My health (or weight if you prefer) doesn't get put on hold because I'm busy or because there's other problems in my life. It will do what it has to do regardless

Every second of the day is the opportunity to do it right, never waste time promising to leave it until tomorrow.

I have about a million more. Poor brain goes on overload sometimes:eek:

That'll do for the moment though :D


Losing the baby fat
G: 12st0lb
kd are you karion? if so saw your photos in the before and afters, wow!
i saw them when i joined but i didnt know anyones names so it kind of went passed me as someone who had lost a heap of weight and had done remareakbly well. They kind of mean more when you know who they are.:party0019:

I'm feeling like I'm in the middle of the losing and the maintanance right now, I'm trying to learn to change my way of heading into total babedom instead of total boredom hehe without losing sleep stressing about it. I want to do now what i'll do later and let the ''weight number'' take care of itself and go by the mirror and clothes instead and how i feel. I think you can only concetrate on calories and weight for so long before it completely does your nogging in:banghead:


Gone fishing
kd are you karion? if so saw your photos in the before and afters, wow!
Aww, thanks :eek:

I'm feeling like I'm in the middle of the losing and the maintanance right now,
Somebody wrote once that they classed their first day of their diet as the first day of maintenance. Okay, a part of me thought "hey...that's cheating":D but I can see a lot of sense in it. Keeps you aware that the journey is lifetime rather than just to the end of the diet IYKWIM.

I think you can only concetrate on calories and weight for so long before it completely does your nogging in:banghead:
Too right. I think that goes for any 'plan' that counts, whether it's calories, syns, points or whatever. Might suit others, and those ways certainly have a place :clap:, but not forever. Not for me anyway.

It's a useful fallback, if everything goes wrong :D

You've done brilliantly.
Take my hat off to you. I struggled losing so much weight with calorie counting or any other plan. Could get half way, but then it all would go to pot.:eek:


Losing the baby fat
G: 12st0lb
well part of my trouble KD is I've never known where the half way point was.

My goal weight has gone from as little as 130 to 170 odd - I've struggled to know what the magic number is. But as i've said before my doc told me to not go under 12 stone as it wouldnt be healthy for me - when I was 12 stone my mum said i was starting to look gaunt in the face - So all in all I think I have to say 12 stone it is.
So I guess I am a maintainer really who slipped up in December, and if I hadnt I'd have maintained my weight already for 6 months or so.
To be truthful, anywhere between 12 and 12 and half and thats when i'm feeling slim and at my best.

Because I've decided to stop worrying about everything! I woke up early and refreshed today, I had a bloomin good sleep last night - I feel positive today, I feel like i've taken off a lead weighed coat called ''diet'' - yesterday I actually did really well, i didnt even feel like having any chocolate, and I ate less than I have done of late.

As you say its handy to know how to count cals to fall back on, but at the stage i'm at now I think i'm going to carry on living like i am not dieting, and hopefully that way I'll be able to get to goal minus the stress anymore.
Good attitude row! Its really all about lifestyle and everybody has their own way to do a lifestyle forever. So their is no right or wrong approach, what works for some will not work for others and vise versa, we are all UNIQUE individuals (SOME ARE MORE UNIQUE THAN OTHERS!!!!, YOU & ME FOR SURE!) Worrying about it all until your obsessed with a number is not healthy. I won't let a number judge me on a scale, I prefer to go by how good I LOOK and FEEL and the powerful athlete that I have become, instead of worrying my pretty lil head on a scale number..., many peeps get far too obsessed with that and its not healthy. Becoming fitter and healthier that should be #1, and what you can do these days in terms of strength and endurance, all these things that you could not do before!!!

And just for the record, I was the one who said, the very first pound you lose, you are already in maintenance....

So yeah dbl row, you have been maintaining for a real long time, I consider you a professional maintainer really I do. Be free, strut your stuff, you have lost a load and who has been telling you all along how FANTASTIC you already looked in your swim photo from way back???..... Ahem, IT WAS ME! So happy you FINALLY have seen the light and what that you look DAYUM Good at that weight. Hate to say I told ya so, but FLOWER knows her stuff!!! Na Na Na Na Na, I am so happy you are realizing this now finally and doesn't surprise me any that you changed your tune, how powerful and amazing you are, I am proud to call you my friend! I wonder if it is because you are older and wiser and a married woman these days that made you FINALLY see the light? Women with curves are what it HAUT & HAPPENING & Girl we both have got it going on!!!! TRUE STORY.
Spread those wings and Fly girl, be free, don't worry that pretty lil head of yours no more!!!!

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