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Maintainers mess up too.

Ughhh I completely messed up tonight. Not minor munching either, I am talking serious non stop eating of junk food. Cookies, cake, candy, candy bars etc. All stress related, worries, and the frigid weather -60 C sent me into a de-rail! I've been kicking my @ss with my leg over and over again for my loss of control. I thought I licked this, but the only thing I really licked was the spoon literally!!!!

I know food is never the answer, but the damage has been done already and it tasted pretty darn good!

Tomorrow I will get my act together! I'm just kinda in a bit of a funk and I thought if I vent and confess my crappy eating, maybe someone will say something that will stick in my head so I won't continue eating my way through the tough times, that is what the old me used to always do, but I am the new improved me, and I should have known better as I am older and wiser.

Even though I just de-railed, I know what I need to do and I will get right back on the train track. Please feel free to step forward and give me another good kick in the @ss, I am bent over and assuming the position, go ahead I certainly need one!

I honestly wish they made a "binge collar" -- like the dog collars that zap a dog when he crosses the "fence line" in his yard -- I want one that momentarily makes me feel like I do after a binge (bloated, gross, lazy, sick to my stomach, etc.) whenever I consider a binge -- maybe that would keep me from having one!

What just happened is now over, the damage is done, we get no do overs in life, so I will continue on my healthy train ride and try and stay on the tracks, because I hate when I veer off the track and de-rail! But this is life, so unpredictable..... I am happy to report, I am getting right back on the train track, choo choo....... Not chew chew!

Even maintainers still struggle on occasion. Perfection is so overrated, consistency is key. I will beat this binge monster cycle and I will oneday CONTROL my binges, instead of letting them control me!

I am moving onward and upward and I am not going to let this mere bump on my maintenance road get me down, this binge is now in my past and I have learned from it and am moving on and will hang on even tighter on the next corner this I promise myself.
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Lil K

Addicted to Minimins
Hi Flower

Don't go beating yourself up over this. I've read some of your other posts and your head seems to be in the right place. We are all only human, and therefore going to make errors along the way. I read on another post (can't remember which - sorry!) that the occasional blip: meals out/special occasions/blow out, are not going to be the thing that puts weight back on, it's if it becomes a day in day out habit, where the rot will set in. So you had a slip up, that's ok, chalk it up to experience, draw a line under it and get back on track with today being a 'normal' healthy day. You know you can do it - you must have had countless 'normal' days as your 1yr maitaining anniversary is just on the horizon (a hugh congratulations to you for that!!).

Keep posting and reading on Minimins - I find it a great distraction from the kitchen!

Take care xx
WHAT?? You comfort ate??? How DARE you be human Flower!!! ;)

Seriously, you know what happened, what caused it and you're putting things right: old habits die hard but being aware of the pitfalls is half the battle.


Gone fishing
Well done for confessing ;) It's tough isn't it. So easy to think we've cracked it when we get to goal.

Where I went wrong in the past, was putting it behind me instead of learning from it. It was so easy to say oh damn...I've blown it...lets forget about it and move on.

This time I looked on it as a learning opportunity :clap: Why did I do it? What was I thinking? Was I thinking at all? :D

I managed to knock the binges on the head in the end by mainly using the pause technique.

So I eat something, then go to get something else I hadn't planned. Stop!!! Think!!! I can have this. I can have whatever I want. It's totally my choice.....but can I wait 15 minutes?

Yep...that was achievable. So I would either go and do something else, or if I didn't want to, give a moments thought to why I really wanted it anyway.

After 15 minutes, I'd go back to it again. Stop!!! Think!!! I can have this. I can have whatever I want. It's totally my choice.....but can I wait 15 minutes?

If I decided I really wanted it, I had to put it on a plate and sit down and eat it with awareness. That was the one rule. The rest was my choice.

This has a few benefits. It stops the complusive part of binges and reinforces that 'muscle' in the brain that tells you 'want' = 'can wait'. It also helps stop that unconscious eating, and gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing something towards reconnecting the brain a better way. It's a great feeling learning how to be in control. Really raises the self esteem :)

Of course, there are times when I didn't want to do this...I didn't want to challenge myself. I just had to remember that everytime I decided that I wanted 'now' and was going to have 'now', then I was strengthening the connection to binge. It was always my choice. No beating myself up, just remembering that I hadn't quite cracked it and I needed to try again next time.

Oh...just to add. To really challenge myself, I would leave the food out on display, just so that I could practice leaving it there :D

I have to admit I welcomed these moments in the end. I believe that you learn the most when you are challenged, not when it's all and easy ride. Avoiding the problem doesn't really solve it. Tackling it head on works better in the long run.
I love it when i see a post like this, it makes me want to jump out the woodwork and say, yey, Im not the only one that messes up!!!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes when you are maintaining then its so hard to say that you mess up, I know I cant admit it in public in case everyone says I told you so, I know they wont, especially on here but I cant help it.

I messed up, I messed up to the tune of 1 stone, gradually over a year, and guess what, now Im in the right place again and have shifted half of it, never admitted it to anyone though, well, apart from the odd PM!!!
Thanks for the replies Kirsten, Russian Doll, KD, and Canireallydothis.

My pity party has officially come to an end! When I take a detour and derail off the tracks to chocolateville or wineville, I ALWAYS pick myself back up and get right back on the train ride! Not tomorrow, not next week, not "Monday". I get RIGHT. BACK. ON.

Because this much I know, I am HUMAN and my thinking sorta goes something like this.... if you just crashed your car into a telephone pole, you wouldn't back up & crash right into it again, would you? Heck no, you would learn from this mistake and move on being more careful next time....
Or if you were driving somewhere and you took a wrong turn you wouldn't turn around and go home would you? Heck no, You'd try to get back on course. Same goes for weightloss. So these two analogies are cemented into my brain after a binge has ended... It is what you do after the binge that is so IMPORTANT, I know enough to get right back on track with my healthy eating plans. Mistakes happen and shocker,.. I AM NOT PERFECT!!!!

I felt it was important to confess my sweet sins, but I will not let it get me down, the binge has happened and I have to keep moving forward with my healthkick for life plan in order to keep this weight off forever. Besides, OVERINDULDGING on occassion doesn't cause weight gain, CONSTANT overinduldgence does!

The important thing is, I'm back and I'm on track hanging on TIGHTER than ever! Maintenance is not easy, maintenance is forever and I hope to become a professional maintainer ondeday, but right now I still consider myself a maintainer in training and hoping to oneday graduate!

Thanks again everyone...
Rowan thanks for the @ss whoopin, I felt it all the way across the pond!

No worries Becky, I can handle the tough love she has dished out...

I just had an eggwhite veggie omelet for breakfast on whole wheat toast, and now I am off to workout, decided I am going to do an extra 1/2 hr today to balance out the bad eating of lastnight, so that will be a 2 hr workout for me today!
Hey Dbl Row,
I actually prefer the spankings, over the piglets, because these make me laugh out loud, I love em! Besides everyone needs a good 'spankin now and then.
Thanks my dear for turning my frown around and leaving me :rotflmao: , your the best!


Losing the baby fat
well heres one in the bank incase you go astray again and i'm not around:whoopass:

the only thing right now keeping me in check is the class weigh ins. I KNOW i would have been bad this month a good few times otherwise. Thats why i need that gold member status so i can go at least 5 times a year for free, i'll need it to keep me in check.
Do you know anyone who you can have a monthly weigh in with?


serial poster
ive done the same over the past two days but now its totally out of my system..healthy eating tomorrow morning :) and im glad ive confessed lol

h x

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