Maintaining - how many points?


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I only have 6lbs left to lose (ticker is out of date) and I wonder how many points I need to maintain? I have a big appetite so can't just go back to the way I was before or I'll put on weight.

I'm 5ft6 and age 32 if that makes a difference! Target is 9st. I am allowed a measly 18pts a day to lose according to the calculator thing you do when you join to work out how many points you should have.

Thank you.
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Don't worry, be happy :)
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To maintain I think you add on 6 points to the points you were eating when trying to lose, so if you are on 18 points when you get to goal then you can up it to 24 to maintain.
Remember you will need to adjust if you daily activity rate increases or decreases i.e if you are walking more/less throughout the day.


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That's exactly right little*red - 24 points for maintenance plus whatever activity points you earn. Well done for being nearly at goal! x


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Thanks for asking the question! I am 3lbs away from goal and I was starting to wonder too. Well done on getting this far. That is a great loss :)