Maintenance Question


Hi everyone,

I'm new on here. I used to read the boards on DH, but then I kind of gave up on CD (stupid stupid!) - but now I'm back and have been doing CD since May. I kept checking for the names I used to read on DH (was more of a reader than a poster as I needed lots of inspiration!) but no-one was there. It's lonely on DH, so I decided to do what everyone else seems to have done, and come on here!! This time I'm even saying hi - v brave of me :D

I just had a quick question on when to start maintenance. I'm just over a stone from my goal. I was thinking of revising my goal and taking it another half stone. I never did this to begin with as I don't think I ever thought I'd do it!

Do you start maintenance a stone from goal or when you reach goal? And by maintenance I mean going through the whole step process from add a meal to 790 etc.

I'd appreciate any help!

Hiya Daisy!!

Difficult question really and one for you and your counsellor to discuss.

With my dieters I tend to go on how well they are losing as they are coming in to land.

If they are still losing 3 pounds every week then I get them into maintenance around 7 pounds from goal as I find they continue to lose loads on maintenance.

But if they are down to maybe 1.5 pounds a week then I get them to land on goal weight and then do it.

Always remember you can hover on levels of maintenance i.e. 790 to lose more weight so even if you go into maintenance early you can still hover if needed.

Thanks Mike - that helps.

I will speak to my CDC but I wanted a ballpark first and I think you've just answered it for me! You see I have really been struggling towards the end, and I think that I'm possibly not in the best place to finish yet, so to speak. I think I should probably continue until goal, and until my head understands that I've gotten slimmer and need to stay there!!

Thanks again,