Major TMI / Tailbone or Tumor?


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Okay now this I guarantee you haven't read before but I have to ask embarassing and weird of a topic as it may be in the hopes that some other newly skinnies can relate...

In the shower tonight I bent and when I ran my hand across the top of my now deflated bum I froze in horror. There's what I thought was a lump!

Trying to forget about it I went to bed and started reading and then checked again -now in a side, slouched, bent position- and it seemed like a big, unpleasant to touch portrusion on the left! I jumped up of bed and checked and while there, right at the <uber TMI> butt crack it's bang in the middle.

After two hours online of researching and not being able to find much... is it possible that this is actually just my tailbone which I have never felt before?!?

Anyone else been through something of the sort? I am seriously freaking out here <blush>:wave_cry:
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I don't know hun, but all I can say is my hubby is a skinny minny, and after many *feels* of his rear end I have not ever felt a lump at the top of his crack!!! lol :8855: Saying this, everyone's body is different and it could well just be your tailbone :)

On a serious note, however embarrassing - I would not advise leaving it and would seek some professional help. If at first you feel odd going to a GP, the NHS helpline is very good for advise. But I don't think the NHS mess about with lumps however big or small. I really would advise going to your Dr hun :) Even if it is just to put your mind at rest. :)

Try to stay calm :) About a year ago I had a HUGE lump on my breast and was EXTREMELY upset and worried. Went to the GP and it was a boil :eek: After 2 weeks of anti-biotics it was gone :)

It could also be a cyst :jelous: Worth checking it out though angel to be on the safe side. ;)

Huge Hugs :hug99: xxx


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Yessesssssssssssssssssssss have no fear it's ya coccyx type thing ie tail bone

Mines very noticable now my ass ( well I ain't actually got one anymore) has majorly shrunk and mines the same

Worry not x


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Just double checking, this bone feels quite large under the skin And can be felt from the sides of the upper cheeks too LOL depends how little fat there is should feel rock hard x


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I think it's likely to be your tailbone too - I can feel mine under the skin, it's kind of knobbley and I can feel the different sections of spine parts - very anatomical!


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S: 135kg C: 42.7kg G: 75kg BMI: 16.1 Loss: 92.3kg(68.35%)
Ladies you've made my day!

I mean I'd check it.... but yeah it IS impossibly embarassing but not because it's in my bum but because it's like going into the docs pointing at my clavicle asking for an MRI or showing them my hip bones and claiming I have cancer!


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I would think it would be more than a pick me up rather than embarrassing. You've lost all of this weight only to find that you have a tailbone! If you keep fretting about it, maybe go to the doc for something else like a general physical or lady exam and casually bring it up - cant hurt! :)


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you would be surprised what people go to the doctors with, they have seen and heard it all,from simple things to really weird things. even if it is your coccyx, why not go in have an annual check where your blood pressure is checked and your new weight will be recorded. you can do this with the practice nurse and she can have a quick look and let you know, just because something feels rock hard or bony doesnt mean its normal. i would always advise
any lump however small or big checked over, the doctor feels alot better for knowing your ok too, its not a time waste trust me.

and if it is bone then you can walk out smiling like a cheshire cat xxx


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yup mine is far more noticable too!!! like the others say tho, get a check up regardless!


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Hi MissAma

Good advice here. In the meantime, could you overcome any embarrassment and maybe ask a friend/relative thats in the medical or associated occupations (nurse, physio, podiatrist etc) to take a quick look?
I will now be in search of a tailbone as my weight loss increases x


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How funny, when I lost weight last year I thought I had a breast lump, near the centre of my cleavage. It took my husband to tell me it was rib!