This LAST time....or WEIGHT loss surgery

Thank you hunny.💜. He up still we put bed at 8.30pm and 9.40 he was really coughing. He's really warm-but no temp. Xxx
Sorry hunny he was ok sun but keeps getting temp-38-so nothing calpol won't fix in eves so think he's fighting off something.

We are away on holiday these are my points for today and my step's yesterday.

Some how I've been on track 8000 steps today. I am REALLY struggling because I am not sleeping :( and all the walking on days on the trot. If I ever do 9000 the NEXT day is 3000. Make me realise how much I will struggle IF we ever go to Disney :( paris or florida ( my deam) i could be 12 stone and go...but I will still have the ME and aching and no energy. My body feels like it's on fire. BUT it's for mu son so I HAVE to push through the pain-but it's hard espically because anxiety i cant sleep. Hubby's sleeping in with him in twin beds.



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Thank you hunny it's so hard. I think hubby can't understand how I can still be tired after a rest :( as he's like I've take our son out you have had a rest you can make tea. So I did. It's hard. I don't say a lot.

Just posting on your threat about time of the month. I am 9 days BINGE free AND on plan with ww. I really hope to get my 5% sat i had 2 lb to go. Xxx
I've been out with hubby and son but now in bed NO energy.

I can't even make lunch-i just had a cappuccino.

We are eating out tonight so saving my points xxx
Thank you i didnt make it to meal :( was too poorly :( This is today have felt to tired to eat xxx


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