Majorly upset :(


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To cut a long story short - two weeks ago at weigh in I gained 1/2lb despite being on plan but I hadn't done much that week so I put it down to not exercising enough or just one of those weeks. The next week my car broke down and I couldn't get to group as it was in the garage being fixed - didn't weigh at home, didn't have my usual post weigh in treats and decided to really go for it to get a fab loss this week.

I have eaten more fruit and veg than I have before, more than I did when I lost 30lb+ last year and I have been for walks every day and did some dancersise yest. I came on my period last night and thought 'eugh, that might knock a bit off but I have been so good I am hoping to lose 3lb/3.5lbs for the past two weeks so I might just lose one or two' ..... I GAINED HALF A POUND, AGAIN :( :(

I know the plan like the back of my hand, have written everything down in a food diary and tracked every syn - measured all my healthy extras. Star week has never effected me before but today I have the worst pains I can ever remember having so I am really, really hoping its some sort of awful period that is to blame. Otherwise I am at a loss, feel like giving up :(
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Aww, don't give up hon. I often have weeks where i randomly gain and have no idea where it came from (2 weeks ago I gained 1.5lb FOR NO REASON! Grrrrr :p) It's hard not to take these little gains to heart but keep going, you'll get there! :)
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It could well be a month where your body retains water more than other months. I tend to go on a cycle where I have 2 or 3 monthlys with no water retention and then I have a month where my boobs are like beach balls!!

Are you measuring your milk and syns properly? If you're sure you are why don't you post a food diary and we can have a look.

Keep at it and I'm sure you'll have a good loss next week when your star week is over.


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Friday - EE day!

Breaky - porridge sachet (heb) made with milk (hea), blueberries and 1tsp honey (1 sin) - blueberries not cooked, put them on after.

Lunch - jacket potatoes with tuna mayo (two tbsp light than light mayo, 1 syn) with boiled eggs, beetroot and big salad made of spinach, watercress, spinach, cucumber, tomato, salad onions, sweetcorn and Kraft light french dressing (syn free)

Tea - boiled rice and Asda chicken balti (5syns) and steam bag veg

Snacks - lychees, strawberries dipped in Splenda, cherries

Syns - 7

Saturday - green day!

Breaky - porridge (heb) made with milk (hea), blueberries and 1tbsp honey (1 syn)

Lunch - tomato pasta & sauce with quorn sausages in and cheese on top (hea2)

Tea - 2 x Quorn garlic and herb chicken style fillets (7 syns) with SW chips and big salad made of spinach, watercress, spinach, cucumber, tomato, salad onions, sweetcorn and Kraft light french dressing (syn free)

Snacks - tangerine, lychees, ryvita minis (heb2), mini cream egg (3 syns)

Syns - 11

Sunday -

Breaky - three quorn sausages, beans, plum toms, potato waffle (2.5 syns), poached egg

Lunch - Half a SW quiche (0.5 syns) with massive salad.

Tea - Pitta pizzas made with Asda wholemeal pittas (both HEBs), cheese (HEA), quorn style chicken, pepper, sweetcorn, passata, Econma hot pepper sauce, onion - with SW chips and corn on the cob x2

Snacks - blueberries, curly surly (6 syns), cadburys highlights hot chocolate (hea 2 & 2 syns) pomegranate

Syns: 11

Monday -

Breaky - two x toast (heb1), potato waffle (2.5 sins), 42g low fat cheese (hea 1) and 1tbsp ketchup (1syn)

Lunch- jacket potatoes with curried baked beans and salad

Tea - ricey stir fry

Snacks - cherries, ryvita minis (heb2), kit kat senses bar (8.5 sins), muller light

Syns- 12

Tuesday -

Breaky - porridge with blueberries and 1tsp honey (heb, hea1, 1syn)

Lunch - smalish jacket potato, two quorn sausages, beans, salad

Tea - quorn chicken curry with sw chips, boiled rice and garlic naan (asda pitta heb, cheese hea, 1tbsp flora light 1syn, herbs, garlic)

Snacks - cherries, muller light, apple, two mini bounty bars 9 sins, mini cream egg 3 sins,

Syns - 14

Wednesday -

Breaky - 2 x toast with flora light on (3 tsp marge 3 sins, heb)

Lunch - two sweet potato jackets, low fat cottage cheese with econma hot pepper sauce, big salad with beetroot

Tea - Quorn style chicken stir fry with soy sauce

Snacks - mini caramel egg & mini cream egg (6 sins) , lychees, cherries, magic porridge with vanilla actives and blueberries (heb), glass of milk (hea)

Syns - 9

Thursday -

Breaky - porridge with blueberries and 1tsp honey (hea, 1 sin)

Lunch - sweet potato jackets with cottage cheese, hot sauce and salad & beetroot

Tea - quern mince kheema curry - passata, onions, carrots, sugar snap peas, quern mince, peppers, beef stock, curry spices & boiled rice

Snacks - snack size mars bar (8 sins), cherries, apple, lychees, ryvita minis (heb), two mini caramel eggs (6 sins)

Syns - 15

Friday (weigh in day!!) - +0.5lbs :'(

Breaky - toast (heb) with marg (3syns)

Lunch - cheese, leek & ham pasta & sauce made with milk (hea) (1 sin)

Tea - left over kheema curry with boiled rice and toasted pitta bread (heb)

Snacks - Kit kat senses bar (8.5 sins), cherries, blueberries, apple

Syns - 12.5

This is my past week - if anyone can tell me if there is anything wrong I would be thankful - maybe I am overlooking something =s


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Looks good to me but perhaps you're not drinking enough fluids - no drinks mentioned at all. I seem to lose better when I increase the amount of water I drink (although I don't usually put it in my food diary!).



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Looks good to me but perhaps you're not drinking enough fluids - no drinks mentioned at all. I seem to lose better when I increase the amount of water I drink (although I don't usually put it in my food diary!).


Yeah, I don't write it down but I could def drink more water - been having a lot of diet coke lately. Will do that this week, thanks :)


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I only lost 1lb this week and i was so disheartened as my losses had been so slow. That was on monday...when i was also so bloated as i got my period. period is nearly gone today, weighed myself and ive lost another 2lbs. Period doesnt normally affect me so youve maybe just had one of those horrible bloated times of the month?

Dont lose hope tho i know we all feel a bit down when we arent getting the losses we deserve!! xx


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Hi - i gained 1lb this week and it's only my 2nd week on EE. I lost 4lbs the first week so i'm also not sure what i've done wrong either to gain weight. I have given my food diarys to my SW consultant and she's gonna give me a call. I think i'm gonna try doing red days instead of the EE plan. Also gonna cut down on my syns this week and see if that helps. I'm not going to let it beat me tho & am determined to get a loss next thursday. Good luck Emmajane - don't give up :)


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I know it's disheartening when you can't see why you've gained but stay on plan and the scales will catch up with you. Sometimes when people star exercising more your body can hang onto extra water for a couple of weeks while it gets used to the change!
Are you sure your porridge counts as a HEb? My consultant raised this last week cos someone in the class was having a sachet for breakfast and her one has syns. I think the M&S one has 8 syns:eek::eek:

Good luck and I'm sure you'll see a difference next week


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Your food diary looks fine to me. Lots of good variety. Only possible areas I can see which you may need to check is are you definately having the correct Pita breads? (there are only two varieties which can be used a HEb's) and like someone mentioned is the porridge sachet you are using definately free. The curried beans, did you make them yourself? As the Heinz ones are 1 syn per 200g

The only other thing I have noticed is you eat a lot of Quorn, which isn't really a problem as such, but some people have bad stomach problems with it and can't digest it properly. Canada food safety won't allow it to be sold here because of the allergies and digestion problems people have had with it. So it is something to bear in mind if you are consuming a lot of it. However if you find you are not noticing any problems, then you should be okay.

I am presuming you don't like meat ??? Perhaps try substituting some of your quorn intake for things like pulses etc(there are so many varieties of yummy lentils and grains) or some different fish (as I noticed you do eat tuna) and see if that makes any difference.

I would definately try and drink plenty of water and cut down on fizzy drinks. Buy a cold drinks flask and fill it with water and try to have at least 2 litres a day, as otherwise all the fibre in your diet with not enough water could leave you constipated.

I would assume though that it is probably just one of those weeks. Don't be too disheartened and keep at it. I am sure you will see a nice loss next week.

Good Luck!!


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Is the hot pepper sauce definitely syn free? Also, maybe your portions are too big? I know we get lots of free food but we shouldn't eat too much of it - only until we're satisfied. I noticed you had 2 pittas and chips - I wouldn't be able to eat all that at one meal, which made me think about your portion size. However, I know everyone is different, but just trying to come up with some sensible suggestions for you!

Don't give up - after all it could just be your blimmin' hormones! Good luck with losing weight, Trace xx


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I know if I have a period I can gain 5lbs!!! try drinking more water to help with retention and don't go too down about it as you might be able to get it of next week.


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It might be that you're having too many syns. I know the limit is 10-15, but you have to judge what works for you within that range. Having 14 syns a day might work for some but not others.

You look pretty tiny on your photo. The closer you get to target the more you're supposed to cut down you syns to about 10 a day. Your diary looks good to me, very healthy and I can't see anything else that hasn't been mentioned.

My only other suggestion would be to go to your doctor if this carries on for a long time. It could be something like underactive thryoid which is very difficult to spot because all the symptoms can be put down to every day stress and strain. Simple blood test reveals it though.

Good luck with your next weigh in, don't let it get you down.

*Sally Cinnamon*

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I can gain 7lbs on *week and find that it is in a 3 month cycle as mentioned... Keep at it and see what next week brings. I also find green tougher to lose on. Sending you best wishes xx


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I know this is disheartening - I am in exactly the same postion. Despite sticking to the plan and exercising everyday (who'd have thought I could ever say that!) I STS the same last week and put on a pound this week.

I am working on the principle that if I stick to the plan I WILL see a loss in the next two weeks. If I don't, then I will go over my diaries with a fine tooth comb until I find out what I'm doing wrong. The point is, SW does work - it's just sometimes our bodies are just a bit too stupid to know it! :)


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I bet you will have a fab loss next week, it's hard I know when you try so hard but don't see results on the scales. But remember the scales aren't everything. Our bodies fluctuate all the time, you may have lost Inches, but don't realise it because it doesn't show on the scales...keep at it and you will see results xx


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Thank you everyone for all your support and ideas on how to make sure I get a good loss next week, it is really appreciated :) Feel much better now xx