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Majour headache :(

As far as I know you can take paracetamol, as for the water I drink practically 5/6 litres per day. My aim is Olympic standard now:D


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Yeah its fine to take paracetamol, I think you just have to watch out for the pills are that coated in that sweet shell.

I drink about 5 litres most days at work although way less at weekends, my aim this weekend is to keep to the 5!


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Ive suffered with a headache but as soon as I top up with water,it helps it a good bit,have took painkillers when its very bad though.I have been drinking about 4 ltrs,its constant drinking,isnt it!:)


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I drink around 5/6 litres a day, i find if i havent constantly got water in my mouth im really thirsty a kinda thirst when ya havent drank anything for hours!!!

Anyone else like this?? :confused:


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snap..also drink 5lts plus now. ive taken paracetamol when ive had to plus had two prescriptions for a nasty chest infection and it didnt affect ketosis. hope your feeling better very soon x

h x


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YIPEE im not the ony one :)


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You do tend to get headaches on day 3/4 ish. Its a good sign. It means your body is switching over from burning carbs to fat for energy........sweet ketosis.


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Ive took a pill today for the headache so its worn off now,Im really finding the water drinking hard.Im peeing all day which is a nightmare as i work on a till so every 5 min im off for the loo,im getting through close to 3 litres a day.How on earth do you all drink more lol.

hahaha force youself hun! lol
Lol urgh!! x


Desires to be slim....


Desires to be slim....
Now im scared. You all drink waaay more water than me!:eek:

Im managing about 2.5 litres max a day BUT i have been mixing all my shakes to 450mls and have been having my normal 4 cups of coffee a day so thats gotta count for something!
Lianna i mix my shakes with loads of water too that helps xx


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my shakes are mixed to the maximum on the shaker lol makes the shakes watery but you get used to it and it makes it feel like your getting more basically :)

h x


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I work on a till too and trying to get off to go to the loo is a nightmare, iv told them i have a kidney infection lol

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