So... My motivation has been kicked well untruly into action....

I have always said that life is for living... and that is what I intend to do:

GOAL ONE: to be 11 stone by my birthday (09/03/07)
GOAL TWO: to complete my course at University (Graphic Design)
GOAL THREE: to get fit
(as I love sport but my weight has been my excuse for too long now)

GOAL FOUR: Mexican Jungle Challenge (22/06/07-01/06/07)

To reach the pinnacle of my fitness and for the whole experience... but mainly to raise money for a worthy cause!

This will involve fundraising and many many hours at the gym and great preparation! I have a looooong way to go! This just makes the journey from here even more important!

I have decided that I will fundraise for Make-A-Wish foundation.... as they make dreams come true for kids living with terminal illnesses. I can't think of a more worthy cause.

So dig deep... I'm asking for you to give as little or as much possible... All donations will help make a difference.

You can donate online... Justgiving - Vicky's Mexican Jungle Challenge

Or send us a cheque if it's more convenient. (Just PM me and I'll give you my postal details)

All donations will be greatly appreciated!

Hiya, Congrats on your goals, they seem realistic, I am just making a list of mine, inspired by you. One of the things I done this year was ran the race for life (well sort of ran ish lol) in memory of both of my parents, they died 5 weeks apart in 2004 both from Cancer, and 5 weeks after that my 1st daughter was born, so as my daughter gets older, she will hopefully do this every year with me as it means so much, plus I get to challenge myself and beat the previous years records each year!

I think it is fantastic that you are doing this for the MAW charity! You will do fantastic, and I will promise to sponsor you as I know how much all the bits add up, I reached over £1000.00 for my RFL. Skinto at the moment, but will sponsor you in a few weeks. Well done. Pat on the back for you!
I love the fact you did the RFL in memory of your parents! I am sure that they would be very proud of you! Bet you were really pleased to reach the finishe line... and I bet it was quite an emotional experience for you! It'll be great to run it with your daughter!

Thanks for your words of enouragement and support... Let's just hope I can raise enough sponsorship. Even if I don't then I will still give all of the funds to the charity so they will benefit no matter what!

Will definitely take you up on the offer for sponsorship when ur not skint ;)

Also... well done on raising £1000! Wow! Any advice on fundraising ideas??
fantastic goals, i hope to do something when im at goal, not sure what yet, cos running and trekking might be out of the question as i broke my neck in 83, and have arthritus everywhere lol, but that is improving as i lose weight, a little anyway, i may find a walk for a charity possible meningitus research as my hubby had that and it was such a screy time,
Also... well done on raising £1000! Wow! Any advice on fundraising ideas??[/quote]

Just keep on asking people, even if they sponsor you 50p!

I asked everyone at work, and emailed everyone that has ever emailed me!! Some people even advertise on ebay for sponsors!

Some bosses (not sure who u work for) but some bosses even match what you raise. (mine didn't lol)

Will think of more and let u know! xx