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Make my dinner interesting

You should sprinkly your chicken with a bit of chilli and garlic and oven bake

Then boil your veg in a chicken stock cube and have a bit of mash....

Its not a lot to work with hun
Hmmm...... are spices ok to use?! I have garlic pepper that i love and have missed sooo much... Mmmmm i think i will!!
just put some paprika on my chicken mmmmm xx
Ye spices are fine - Ive never used so many spices in my life. You should try getting superlean mince - put loads of your garlic stuff in put 2 table spoons of tomatoe puree and roll into meatballs - then fry - with no oil. Delish
can you have garlic??????
Pretty sure you can from day 4. You can have pretty much anything within reason. Once its low fat. That confused me terrible when they say any meal thats low fat. Like hello!! I just wanted someone to say - have a stir fry - or have fish.

Or if you stir fry some chicken (no oil) put in some chicken stock and then 2 tablespoons of hoisin sauce. Lovely and low fat!!
come and cook for me please. lol x
you'll have great fun making your own low fat recipes. What I do is read recipes out of books and alter them to suit me and my diet. I make them low GL and low cal.

Tommorrow im having lean pork chops (with the fat cut off) and i think before I cook it ill put a tablespoon of sweet chilli sauce on it. Im not sure how it will work yet but im hoping it will be nice!!
sweet chilli is awsome, fish for me tomorrow an absolute 1st for me so lost what to do with it????
Well im blonde!! Just realised ive been lookin at the wrong one on the scales and have been measuring out less than i was allowed!

'dime bar' lol x
Well that was better than sex!

I added fried onions (fried in water) to the mash potato and it really makes it look more than it is!

It was yummy!!
fried in water???? how does that work?


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sweet chilli is awsome, fish for me tomorrow an absolute 1st for me so lost what to do with it????
Im having fish 3-4 times a week and I normally steam it in a steamer then just have it with some lemon juice and black pepper, yummy. Having haddock today, never tried it before, Ive been having mainly cod, with the odd bit of monkfish and sole.
must try all them fish as well its a meat I wish to learn to enjoy although fresh water fish is a no no for me I find it way too earthy such as trout. x


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Have never tried trout, dont like the look of it when I see it being cooked on the tv, wasnt too gone on the haddock myself tonight, though its a meaty fish too. Cod, monkfish and seabass are my favourite.

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