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Make or break time for me


hoping for a good loss
Well after about 2 months of messing about on CD and not sticking to it I have decided to give it one more week and try and get my hoooge bottom back into gear.

Am off to see my CDC in the next hour and going to have a chat with her. I know I have gained this week as I have not stuck to plan, have TOTM, am constipated and have given up smoking (sorry if tmi).

Am going to try really hard this week to stick to SS 100%. I have no reason to go off plan and really need to shift some more weight as only lost 3 of the 6 stone so far.

Heres to being good. Will apologise now if you get fed up with my rambling over the next week, but am going to be living on here and posting like mad. Will try to keep it to this thread though so people don't get fed up with me.

Only 20 days until my husbands 40th party and would love to shift a bit more weight for that.

Charlie xx
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** Just Jools **

Slow & steady does it!!!!
You can do this hun, you've proved that already by losing 3 stone which is brilliant!!! :D

You know where I am if you need a good talking too!! :asskick:

Good luck this morning & here's hoping for an STS. x x x :fingerscrossed:
Heres some :hug99: with a :whoopass: too

Like Jools has said, You hav proved you can do it with the weight you have lost so far x Just keep posting posting posting when you need the support :)

Good luck with WI let`s hope for a STS



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Good Luck with your CDC!!
You CAN do this - you're half way there so you know you have it in you to do this.
Stay focused and think water water water!!!
Charlie .... ramble all you like :) everyone is on your side girl. Stick to your plan this week and I am sure at WI you will have a real surprise. Why dont you promise yourself a little treat like getting your nails done or something .. you deserve it.

I hear you about being last chance .... I was fed up with dieting, trying this eating plan and that ..and decided that doing CD was the very last time I was going to lose weight. I know I have to succeed this time.


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Good luck Charlie, I can only agree with the posts above. Put the past week behind you and start afresh. x


hoping for a good loss
Well, bless my CDC she has given me a huge talking to. Am much more focused and going to do it.

She has told me I HAVE to lose 4lb this week, so there is no way I can afford to cheat. She has also insisted I run up and down my stairs 6 times in a row to help boost my metabolism. Told me I have to do this once a day, but will aim to do it more than that.

So, heres to a good week.

Thanks for your support ladies (and gents) I really appreiciate it.

Charlie xx


hoping for a good loss
Oh, and I put on 1lb, so not as bad as I thought

Charlie xx
Yay! 1lb isn`t so bad hun :D

You can lose the 4lbs - I have faith in you Xx


hoping for a good loss
Thanks Shanny, you are a star xx


hoping for a good loss
Well have been to my cousins engagement party this afternoon and there was so much food there it was unbelievable. Was so tempting, BUT I RESISTED!!!!!!!

Was so proud of myself. Just had a few coffees and lots of water.

Off to work now, so thats going to be tough as I used to shoot out for a ciggie every time I felt the need to nibble, but have given up since I last worked.


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charlie, i was the same a few weeks ago. just could not do it and even though i was motivated i couldnt get my head in the right place. then someone set up a 100% for the day thread and somehow it pulled me through the first week, then the second etc etc. you can do it. just get through the first few proper 100% days and you will soon be on your way. also, a bit more water and a lot more resolve!!

this is gonna be your week!
YAY for resisting!

You CAN do this hun! :D



hoping for a good loss
Nights were hard, an waivered slightly but was low carb bits and low fat.

Back on track.

Thanks guys xx

** Just Jools **

Slow & steady does it!!!!
Well done hun. You'll get there & it'll be so worth it!!! x :D

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