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Making a mistake

I've worked so hard at this I am so scared of making a mistake.

I was clearing the plates from lunch last Sunday and got gravy on my fingers, now doing what most us us do, (I am sure), I wanted to lick it off my fingers! Thankfully I just caught myself on.

Would this break my ketosis?

Now this might sound silly, but when having a shower or washing your face and some of the soap from say orange shower gel and it gets in your mouth, would that break it as well?

Like I said, a bit silly maybe, but just don't want to go back to day 1.


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Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
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As far as I know it shouldn't. Last time I was on lipotrim I was working in a kitchen and sometimes when I'd shake salt on the food I could taste it a little in my mouth but I stayed in ketosis. So long as your not swallowing spoons of showergel you'll be okay!

Ur not silly!! Last time I was on it for the first month if I was out and had coffee r water sometimes I used to obsess about whether the cup/glass had been cleaned properly because I could 'taste' something unusual! And if I was out at night I wouldn't take ice in my fizzy water if they had the fruit too close to it!!

Thank God I got over it.
If you do put anything in your mouth just spit it out straight away and u'll b grand.


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Hi nijono,

Please don't worry, you won't come out of ketosis that quickly.

At the beginning it is easy to forget and lick your fingers or put something in your mouth before you realise it and it shows how mindlessly we do it.

One lick can lead to another as it activates the taste buds and before you know it you could be diving in and devouring the lot...:mad:

A slice of lemon in a glass of water however could bring you out of ketosis and it is something you have to watch when your out as most places seem to stick a slice of lemon in as standard.

Coming out of ketosis you will know all about it as it sets off the hunger.

If this happens drink some water and have one of your packs if you have one left for the day or half a one and it will pass.

Don't eat any food whatsoever as this will set you back and it is very difficult to get back on the wagon.

The first time is the Golden time for sure.

Love Mini xxx

It's an obession at the minute. Because it is costing me money! and that up to now it has been going well, so scared of messing up!

Tried black coffee last night with the bars and although before I didn't like coffee, it was great!

I reckon that if I had taken the gravy I would have taken a dinner. That's the hard part.
Hi Everyone

Can someone explain Ketosis to me I am on day 5 but still feeling very light headed and without energy does this every pass. I actually feel as if I am a bit drunk. Forgot to bring a shake to work yesterday and felt awful by 6pm when I got home. :( Made the chocolate shake hot with nutmeg and it actually tasted lovely especially on a cold night. Will nutmeg and cinnamon break the ketosis??



Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
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Hi Com,

Haven't tried it myself but I've seen it on other forums that spices don't break Ketosis.

Ketosis begins when u've used up your store of glycogen and you stop loosing water and loose fat instead. Essentially it's when you start using ur own body fat as fuel and that's why you don't feel hungry anymore.

I'm in Day 5 too, I don't know if I'm in ketosis cos I have no sticks. I don't find my breath bad or my teeth r tongue furry.

BUT!! I stuck to the diet 100% so I am just going to presume that I am. Also, I can feel trousers a little bit looser. Don't worry about it - I just put it down to sciencey stuff so it will happen. So long as I'm loosin the weight I happy.

As for feeling drunk and out of it. you should prob drink some water. I personally use peppermint as a cure for all.

We're doin great tho!! Day 5. It'll definitely start gettin easier for you soon. Hang in there.
Hi Yuna

I feel my tongue a bit furry so hopefully I am in ketosis:) How long do most people stay on the lipotrim for I am hopefully going to stick it for three weeks then I am going on holiday so hopefully I will stick to the maintenance diet then. Do you this it is a good idea for should I stick to the shakes only for longer. I need to loose about 2 stone but would be really happy to kick start with a stone and then go on the maintenace for the other stone. I work in a hotel and it is really hard that there is food around me all the time from I come in in the morning they are baking fresh bread and scones.:cry: Oh why did I let myself get fat:wave_cry:

Hey Guys

I am new to the forum but not that new to lipotrim. This is my second time on it, the first time I lost 70lbs in 10 weeks so stick with it.

With regards to the light headiness and dizzyness I suffered from that last time, generally when i had done to much. I am qutie an active person but I am typically greedy so even though I am quite fit in the sense I do a lot of sport I was extremely overweight 21st which is not good at 5ft 8. I droppped to 16 stone and looked good and felt great unfortunately my greed kicked in and I have put on nearly 2 stone hence I have started on lipotrim again (I have not had my official weigh in yet but according to my scales at home I have lost 10lbs).

I found that if I stood up quickly or was playing sports where you are doing a lot of bending i.e. badminton etc. I found that sitting and resting for a couple of minutes and having a guzzle of water helped.

Welll done to all, Lipotrim works its keeping it off thats the hard thing. I am lucky that my pharmacy(Prestwich,Manchester) is very lipotrim focused and have a hypnotherapist that has created a couple of sessions especially for Lipotrim users to help them not gain the weight. I have heard good things about the hypnotherapist but I have not been to see them yet.


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
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Hey guys,

I agree 100% with you Shornie, I was on Lipotrim before (2 years ago)and I lost 3 stone. I really didn't put the effort into maintaining and did a whole lot of pigging out so I put it all back on again.

I've since been 'messing' around between diets and realised that they don't work for me. The Lipotrim does. Plus the rults are amazing! The weight comes off so fast which is a HUGE motivator itself. So here I am back on it, for the 'long haul' this time. Not quitin till its all gone!!

COM, 2 years ago I was workin in hotel 2. Everytime I walked thru the kitchen there was food and the smell of food. Even the smell of vegetables cooking tempted me!!

But it made me conscious of how much I pick. So I'd be in the kitchen umpteen times per shift and picking every time.... sure together those are extra meals. I found that after a while tho it became empowering to walk past without succumbing and just knowing that I was loosing weight.

Just wait till your first weigh in, it seems so worth it then when you see how much you lost!
Thanks Yuna

Alot of the staff have been saying I am mad putting myself through this but I have noticed that most who have really been against me doing this are overweight and I feel they are a little bit jealous :rolleyes:. It is making me more determined.



Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
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Ha! I was just sayin to my bf at lunch time that I wasn't hiding my diet from people this time cos I was embarrassed but becos I the way some people reacted last time!

When I was working in the hotel everybody knew everybody's business (I'm sure exactly like urs:)) and not one person said Good for you! Or fair play, or even you look great - (except for one of mygood friends). But a lot of women that worked with me told me that I was crazy, that the long term damage to my health would be severe and that I was wasting my time bcos I'd put it all back on again. My boss kept telling me that I had lost enough and to come off it now (I was still a size 16). One woman even told me I was damaging my kidneys becos of all the water I was drinking!

It's not easy but you just have to keep your head up. The only way I coped was by not entertaining them at all and pointedly changing thge subject r just ignoring them altogether.

At the end of the day it is pure jealousy and that's all. The one's that need it wish they could do it. As for the rest of them they were jealous of the attention. Besides, its a bit pathetic to be that preoccupied with SOMEBODY ELSES weight!!!

You're doing this for you, and they wont be able to hold back the compliments when they see you at target weight.
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hey com! im in cork also! how dd u make the hot choc!!! i tried it and it just went all lumpy!!!! it was terrible! how u gettin on?
Hi Everyone

Can someone explain Ketosis to me I am on day 5 but still feeling very light headed and without energy does this every pass. I actually feel as if I am a bit drunk. Forgot to bring a shake to work yesterday and felt awful by 6pm when I got home. :( Made the chocolate shake hot with nutmeg and it actually tasted lovely especially on a cold night. Will nutmeg and cinnamon break the ketosis??

hi ya the best way to make the milkshake warm first of all invest in a really good blender when i started my mixer was crap so i ivested in one and its the best buy i have ever made belive me a hand blender is ok to !! but i blend my shakes as normal cold !!!!
them put it in a lovely big mug and pop into the microwave for about 45-60 seconds ! and stir its lovely don,t let it get hot as it.ll taste horrid when it starts to cool also a really good one is make up a peppermint tea and leave it to cool and add( in place of normal water ) it to your shake you can drink it cold or warm in microwave as above its lovely mint choc !!
Hi Blondie77

I am using the Billy hand blender I put in cooled boiled water into the lipotrim cup add the chocolate shake add sweetener and a sprinkle of nutmeg and turn on the handblender. I actually carry the blender around with me it is called a Phillips Billy handblender and it is brill Billy is my NBF. It is about 20.00-25.00 euro and well worth investing in one, it is great for when you come off the lipotrim, if you are making low calorie soup to blend it smooth. Good luck getting weighed today so fingers crossed.

What a gr8 idea, i never thought of using the microwave, i've just finished my 1st week, 2nd time round & found it really difficult, but after reading that, it'll make it a lot easier, thank you xx
Hi Debbie

What a gr8 idea, i've just finished my 1st week, 2nd time on LT, & found it really hard going, but after reading that it'll make it so much easier, thank you xx
What I love about this site is that you read other peoples stories and think - hey, that's me too!! It makes me feel better. I too lost weight and put it all back on and more cos I didnt change old habits - you know the story? Anyway I am doing it again now and not telling people if I can help it because the reaction is "here she goes again" and other negative comments. On good days I just ignore it and think I will prove you wrong but on bad days I think maybe they are right, who am I kidding, I will fail again.

Thats when it's good to have the support of you guys to keep each other travellin!! :)

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