Making Crisps


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Hi All,

Was hoping someone could tell me the exact amount of water (in mililitres) they use to make crisps from a soup sachet?

I only ask cos I have just wasted 2 packs of Chocolate shakes by making the worst muffins in the world. all in the bin and have now decided to never attempt them again!

I am a huge crisps fan and would love to make them (properly) :eek:

If i keep messing up my CDC is gonna think Im having 6 sachets a day lol.

hope anyone can help and if so, thanks in advance :)
Sorry, couldn't tell you because I just keep adding a little water until it looks right. Just keep adding a little at a time and if it is too stiff, jst add a little more.
Sorry I'm not much help.:eek:
thanks fiojam.

I am a bit thick it seems cos i havent a clue what looks "right" when it comes to the texture. should have seen the state of the
I would say a bit like tomato puree kind of thickness. Although I'm not sure if others would agree. Not so stiff that a spoon will stand up in it but thick enough to make peaks.
I make mine a bit runnier so it doesn't make peaks. Think warm babyfood!!

Never tried making a muffin but the crisps are really good if you can get them right. I make up half a packet of veg soup at a time. But you can make a whole packet and keep some in an airtight container. HTH
I make mine a bit runnier so it doesn't make peaks. Think warm babyfood!!

Hmmm... probably why i dont make as many as others manage :rolleyes:

They are really yummy though! Make sure thet are spread really thin.
im still eager to try them even though yous are comparing em to tom puree and baby food! hehe.

Will make some tomorrow and see how it goes :)

thanks for the tips
I could never make them properly at all though I tried loads!!! Dont use grease proof paper either, it has to be baking parchment!