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Making Tofu.


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Did a search but nothing came up.

Just posting this in case it could be of help to someone.

I have been making my own tofu and it is so easy to do.

Cheapest soya milk is from Aldi. (around 58p per litre)

I use 2 litres to make about a pound of tofu.

You can use lemon juice or vinegar to curdle the milk but I use gypsum which I purchased off ebay.

Bring milk not to the boil but where you just see it start to move.

Take off heat and add lemon or vinegar bit by bit till you see the mixture coagulate.

Let it cool and then strain through a fine cloth like muslin in a colander.or dish which has holes in. Tie up or fold over the cloth and let it drain by putting something heavy on top to push the liquid out.

15 minutes draining makes silken tofu.

25 minutes more firm tofu.

40 minutes or overnight makes very firm tofu.

It is so much cheaper than buying the ready made.

HTH helps someone as I found the price rising a bit too much for my liking. There is also loads on youtube if you need to watch the process. A lot of people making it from soya beans from scratch (which makes it even cheaper) but it is more of a faff.
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That's very interesting! I've only used tofu once but am always happy to try new experiments so might give it a go. I bought a tripod type strainer recently from Lakeland with thoughts of making my own curd cheese, but maybe tofu will be first on the agenda. Thanks for posting this.


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The strainer would be perfect - good luck. These things are always worth a try. :)

I bought a book off Amazon second hand very cheaply about tofu and found a lot of the recipes can be adapted for slimming world stuff.

We tend to have it at least once a week now. Apparently freezing it then gives the consistency that you get with the one you get for stir fries.


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That's basically what you do to make your own cottage cheese too!


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And Indian paneer cheese too.

I forgot to say though that if you want to make it so you can chop it up for stir fries etc, you do need to put it in some kind of mould, like an old tofu (bought) tray with holes poked in for drainage and then put a weight on that.

The other way it is best for desserts etc. especially the choc one people on here rave about.

Whatever you do, you can find the bits and bobs around your home and don't need any special equipment.

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