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Making up drinks in bulk!


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Has anyone tried making the drinks in bulk and then splitting them through out the day, or do they really need to be kept seperate?

I just thought when I'm at work it would easier for me to have one pack in the morning before work then bring in a bottle of drink made up with 2 packs and then drink throughout the day with water between, and a final pack in the evening, I know this would limit me to one flavour for the majority of the day but thought it would make it a bit easier for me.

Any feedback greatly appreciated.


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I know with the Cambridge packs, you have to drink them straight away after making them up. I would have thought the LL ones would have a similar rule :(


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If the packs are left too long they go all watery and loose their nutrients..... in fact they look horrible if you leave them.... can you not take the water and mix them at work? I know you can split packs but not a good idea to split them make them up and not drink immediately... I know the recommended time they have to be drunk within is 15 mins....

Hope this helps....


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S: 236lb C: 232lb G: 196lb BMI: 42.4 Loss: 4lb(1.69%)
Ok thanks for that, yes I can mix them at work but won't be able to take my blender so lumpy mess!! Just wanted to know if there was another option really.

Thanks again



Get one of those plastic beakers with a lid, and use that to make up your shakes at work. You have to give them a really good shake - it's good arm exercise as well - but it does get all the lumps out.


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as the others have said, the shakes must be drunk within 15mins - good idea tho! :p

How about buying yourself a cheapy hand blender which you could leave in work? Maybe that would help :p
I use an AeroLatte hand wisk (for frothing coffee usually)

Amazon.co.uk: Aerolatte Satin Milk Frother In Gift Tin: Kitchen & Home

Small - in its own tin and fits in your handbag - plus battery powered so no plugs/wires etc. A hand blender does a better job quickly but if you can't take one to work then this is a great second option (just takes longer to blend out the blobs) as you can take it wherever you go - I even use it to mix my vanilla pack into a black coffee when in coffeee shops.

Just thought I would share.
You can get sim whisk at ebay & ikea but not with the nice box for about 99p but it would be handy to get the box!! Have to say I prefer a blender & have never used my little thing as doesent seem to get rid of lumps? Re not drinking packs within 15 mins I have foud that after that they tend to taste of metal - yuck!...
I find that the shakes dissolve better in hot water and with a mini frother you can get the lumps out. Maybe if you take a thermos flask with you, this would work?

I like the shakes better hot anyway!

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