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Making up the packs when outnabout ???????


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Im going to a lot of courses at the minute and my o/h makes me a muffin/ cookie from a choco pack, they are lovely just need to drink a bit more xx
There is a thread above with the stickys full of ideas crisps, muffins etc.

I have thought about taking a flask of water to make the shakes up with on the go but I don't know how practical this is because I've not done it.
We were gonna put the pack with water in a bottle and shake it but was worried it would still be lumpy - if there is the smallest grain, it makes me heave - also if you mess up your a meal down.


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you need a small dish, cookie sized!
mix pack with a little water mixing into a stiff paste and micro for 1min 40

there is a sticky on here that has a recipe sheet with loads of other stuff, you should have a look!

Thanks for the great replies
You are all so helpful
After all it isn't the easiest diet and we need all the help we can get


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Hi Linznel

Get yourself some lovely tetras hunni!

The choccie ones are lovely frozen as ice cream and they take ages to eat!



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I agree, tetras are the way forward. You can shake the mixes, but it's very difficult not to leave a few lumps. The tetras really are lovely. I keep one in my car in case I happen to stay out over a meal time, to stop me eating. :)
We are goin away next weekend so i was thinkin of getting some bars and tetras can you have both of these in a day?


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yes hun you can

Only 1 bar a day (I think) but some people have 3 tetras instead of soups and shakes. You do have to have extra water with the tetras on top of your 4 pints.
Your CDC will tell you properly!


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