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making up the soups?!?!?!


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I make them up at work by putting water on the bowl first then adding the soup gradual whilst mixing up with a fork. It not perfect but it helps! Or buy a little mini whisk and keep it in your drawer.


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i have managed to get them to be smooth now i mix with cold water first and then add the hot water.. i love the bars though yum yum and they are very filling
do you use a shaker at all? I havent tried that yet as I always use a blender (have the bars at work) I tried just with a fork and couldnt get the lumps out and it was grim.
Wise words starlight. I learned this the hard way...


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I add a bit of cold water to make a thick paste on top of the powder, and then once that is a smothe paste, I add a bit of water (cold or hot) at a time. Mine doesn't tend to turn out lumpy now.


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Ha ha thank goodness i didnt try with a shaker then.... yeah i use cold water to a paste then add hot water..

Thanks for all the replies
can't you get a hand blender for work? mine fits in my hand bag. I put the powder mix in a bowl, add the water and blend. rinse the blender off and it goes back in my hand bag :)
I also use a balloon whisk, which seems to work fine. What about one of those coffee/milk frothers?
I had the same problem - I just changed my meals around. Now Ihave a shake for breakfast, soup for dinner and a bar for lunch; cut up into bite sized pieces so I fool my brain into thinking it's just sooo much more than a bar... Bonus being I don't have lumpy soup and I don't wake up my fellow office workers with my blender.. (TeeHee - glad they can't see this!)
I have my soup after work but make it with cold water in a shaker followed by quick blast in microwave, just don't shake too much or the soup is frothy!!

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