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Man Killed by an overdose of Water


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OMG is that scary or what


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I remember reading about it at the time. Very sad :(

I find whisky is great for painful teeth and gums. Wouldn't recommend 17 pints of it though:eek:
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oh noo.... thats terrible... :(

how many litres would that of been ?


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According to the sun:

A MAN died of a heart attack after drinking seven gallons of water in three days to soothe a gum infection because he hated painkillers.
Fit divorcee Andrew Thornton, 44, was unaware that sodium levels in his body were being lowered to fatal levels as he drank more than 17 pints a day — five times the recommended level.
Even when he started vomiting, he still quaffed more to numb his gums.
The warehouse worker finally went to hospital after collapsing at home in Bradford, West Yorks.
Medics initially thought he was drunk because he was staggering and slurring his words.
After realising he had drunk 56 pints they tried to stabilise him with an intravenous saline solution.
But he died the next day.
A Halifax inquest heard he “overloaded with water”.
Verdict: Misadventure.

So that's actually more like 26 litres over three days! I can hardly manage 3 a day! He surely must have felt like he was drowning?! Geez!


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Woah, can't imagine drinking that much water. You'd be at the loo constantly (well I would be anyhow). Poor family, what a shock for them.
Yes apparently it's basically drowning from the inside out. I wouldn't say it was common but you do read about it every now and again - often clubbers who've taken drugs that make them incredibly thirsty and so they down mind-boggling quantities of water in a very short time.

PS Yes, you're right I was a bit mean - sorry.


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im just wondering, when i was on lipotrim i was told to drink between 6 to 10 litres a day but def over 4...should this be lowered then if this can happen??


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It's not really to do with how much water you drink, but whether you drink a lot in one go.

Space your drinks out regularly. Little and often and you'll be fine. Try not to drink too much though:eek:, but if you are that thirsty, you probably need it.


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ok thats not to bad then dont mind now!lol
It is unnecessary and possibly dangerous (and certainly irresponsible for the chemist who sold you the packs to tell you this) to drink 6 - 10 litres per day. 4 litres is more than enough



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It is unnecessary and possibly dangerous (and certainly irresponsible for the chemist who sold you the packs to tell you this) to drink 6 - 10 litres per day. 4 litres is more than enough

Agreed there, but I do believe that if you are really thirsty (which admittedly is unlikely well before 6-10L), then you should drink.


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I know someone who died of drinking far too much water several years ago now. I think hers was part of serious depression. I've heard about other cases of the same thing a couple of times since. Scary that it can happen, but we're talking far, far more water than the 'average' person could/would even contemplate drinking in a day. Personally, I can't even manage the recommended 2 litres. For some reason I really don't like the taste of water out of a glass, but don't mind tap water out of a plastic bottle...not sure of my logic on that one!


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So how much should I be sdrinking when on a iet and wanting to lose wirhgt. I have heard them say 3 litres but if I manage a litre and a half I am doing well. Can't imagine anyone drinking that amount - his insides must have been drowning.

Couscous. x

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