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Margery Dawe's Thoughts, Feelings and Journey

In the beginning .......

Well today has been day one of my SW journey. I will take it a week at a time and know that no matter what the scales say, if I continue to follow the plan it will work in the end.

My worst fault is giving in too easily when I either gain or sts for no apparent reason. So, I have made a promise to myself that I will continue to go to class this time.

I know that this site will give me so much encouragement, support and motivation. Just reading through people's diaries, food diaries, pictures and posts is enough to make anyone feel positive and that their target weight is an achievable goal. All I hope is that in maybe 6 months time my diary can be an inspiration to others as well!!

So, today has been a good day. My motivation is so high that I have just baked some lemon cupcakes for the cake trolley at work tomorrow ....... I even left the bowl :eek:

Anyway, I look forward to lots of comments from you all and to get to know you all better.

Onwards and downwards!!
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Hiya Margery and welcome to the forum, had a chuckle at your diary title!

Well done in resisting the temptation of lemon cupcakes lol, I'm pleased to say I can't cook anything sweet so temptation is well outta my way, unless someone brings cake into work!

Well, welcome again Margery Dawe! xx Boo xx
Thanks Boo :)

I also managed to resist the cake trolley that I had to take around this morning at work. The waft of hot homemade sausage rolls was very nice, but gladly, not tempting!!!
I really must write something every day here!!!

Truthfully, I was disappointed at losing just 1lb on my first week. Looking back I can see that it was a loss and should be thankful, but when you have a good loss the first week it gives you a boost. But hey, never mind.

I'm pleased to report a good loss of 3lb last night though and I can already see and feel the effects of 4lbs, which is great and really gives me the motivation I need.

I had a great week last week and wrote everything down as opposed to tracking online the first week. I also had all of my syns everyday, where as on the first week I was only having about 6 a day. It was such a hard slog having to find lovely things to eat. I had SW mince pies, muffins, chocolate and pancakes. :D

Now I'm looking forward to another good week and a loss next week. I don't care how much it is, as long as it's a loss. I have given myself a target of 7lbs to lose before Christmas, so if I lose 1lb a week I will achieve it and I'll go into the 14 stone ..... what a Christmas present I can give to myself :47:
Well done Margery sounds like you are very motivated and determined, that's most of the battle won then! You are right, 1lb in the first week is easy to feel disappointed with, however it is a loss, so much better than a gain, and you have had a good loss this week, and the benefits of 4lbs can easily be felt - and 4lbs is more than halfway to half a stone!

Good luck with this week.


Serial Foodie!
hello MD :D you have totally the right idea... its about the long term stuff and trying to not get caught up too much on the weeks where losses are small. have you taken your measurements? i would say thats a good idea as you can lose inches rather than lbs at any given time. its taken me 6 months to lose 2.5ish stones but only cos i am a big faff-er. however, those 30-odd lbs make me feel loads different. achieveable goals and looking at the bigger picture will get you to your target weight and keep you there xxxx
I can't find my tape measure to see if I've lost any inches. Unfortunately my measurements are etched on my brain!!!
I'm having a good week this week and staying 100% everyday. I've come up with a good way of staying within my 15 syns a day .... I don't eat anything unless I know how many syns they are. Simple I know but it really works for me. I find it so easy to say 'oh, that won't be many syns' only to find out it is more than I thought and it has taken me over my daily syns, then I feel guilty and so on.

I'm going for my first run tonight. :eek: I have read lots of posts on here about people starting running and it's great to read about their progress so I have downloaded the C25K app on my itouch, bought my reflective vest and that's me sorted.

I have done running in the past. I have got up to running 3 miles ..... and then I stopped!!! What's with that??? It seems to be the story of my life, I achieve something which could be running, losing wight etc and when I get to a good point I stop. I'm sure a psychiatrist would have lots to say about that. :D

Anyway, I'll let you know how the walk/jog went later.

Have a good day.
Well, I'm back from my first run and I really enjoyed it. The app that I downloaded was brilliant. I found the run a lot easier than I thought it would be. The app stopped me from doing too much too soon. I'm really looking forward to my next run on Saturday morning. I shall rise nice and early and get out in the crisp morning. What a good start to the weekend that will be.

A great day food wise and motivation.
It was pretty nippy out there, but plenty of layers and I was fine. It's really nice weather to go running in. Certainly gets rid of the cobwebs!!!
Well done Marge! :D Interested to see how you get on with C25K - I've been thinking about giving it a go, but need to invest in a serious sports bra before running anywhere!

Good luck for the rest of your journey!
Re: Margery Dawe Will No Longer See-Saw!!

Spanx said:
Well done Marge! :D Interested to see how you get on with C25K - I've been thinking about giving it a go, but need to invest in a serious sports bra before running anywhere!

Good luck for the rest of your journey!

Thanks Spanx. I'll keep updates on here with the running. Go and get a bra and give it a go x
Well, what a day!! I was happily sat at my desk at work and get a phone call from my DS school to say that he had fallen over in the playground and landed funny on his arm and it was hurting him. So, I went and picked him up and took him to the local minor injuries unit. We sat there for a little bit then DS said he felt sick, so took him to the toilet where he fainted and was sick!!! Well, it got him seen to quickly anyway :eek:

They took x-rays and all was fine and he has bruised it. Poor little boy, he was so frightened when he came over all funny and I had a great big lump in my throat :cry:

Food wise it has been a very good day and I'm feeling so positive and I just know that I am going to get to target next year.

I'm all excited as I'm off running first thing tomorrow morning. Sad I know, but I really enjoyed it last night and it's going to be a lovely cold crisp morning. A good start to the day I think.:D

Have a good weekend everyone x
Your right about the cold morning part it's freezing!!!
It was freezing :bundledup:

It was a good run this morning, although I did find it a bit harder than my first run on Thursday night. It really makes me feel good when I can get out first thing and exercise. In a previous life, I used to get up at 5.00am and go to the gym and I used to be buzzing all day. I can't see myself getting up that early at the moment though, not with the dark mornings. Maybe when it's a bit lighter I might think about it!!!

Just got a nice big pot of soup on the go at the moment for lunch, the wood burner is pumping the heat out. What a perfick day. :D
Tuesday 8th February

My God, I haven't written here for a long time!!!!!

Right, I will try and put something here everyday ........ even if it's only one line.

So far my journey has been a slow one and I don't know why. I'm averaging around 1/2lb a week, which is too slow for me and I know I can do better. So, I am switching from EE to Original to see how I go. I just need a couple of days to get into it and readjust my brain.

I have also started dog the Gillian Michael's 30 Shred DVD. I am on Day 4 and really enjoying it. I'm hoping that the very hard workout that I have been doing every day had some inpact on my WI last night and that is why I sts. I'm looking forward to weight and inch loss next week. :D:D

On a non slimming theme, my eldest was 18 yesterday :eek::eek: How did the years go by so quickly? Sad thing is he went away with school early yesterday morning so we are having his 'birthday' on Thursday when he gets back. I'm missing him already and really wondering how the hell I am going to manage when he goes off to uni in October :cry:
Well, after leaving the house at 8.00am this morning, I have just got in!! Wednesdays is college day which involves me going to work at 8.00am, leaving there at 12pm getting to college at 1.00pm and finishing at 8.00pm. It's a long day but the hardest thing is trying to fit food in. When I am travelling to college I'm driving and there is nowhere to get hot food once you are there. So, today I made a BLT to eat on the bus into town and then I made salmon salad to eat when we have a breat at 4.00pm (it was lovely).

I got back home and hubby had left cauliflower cheese with potatoes warming in the oven!!!! I have resisted and have just had a cup of tea with a banana :D

On an even more positive note, when getting dressed this morning when I was getting dressed it thought 'oh, my waist is looking smaller' and I measured it and I have lost 1" in 5 days. I have been doing the Gillian Michaels 30 day shred (see thread in Teams forum) and really, really pleased. I also measured my thighs and from when I first stared SW I have lost 4" from the. 4"!!!!!!! Bl00dy hell, no wonder my trousers that I couldn't wear as the legs were too tight are nice and loose :D

On a sadder note, I am really missing my DS who has been away with school since Monday :( What am I going to be like in October when he leaves home for uni :cry:
I'm pleased to report that DS is back home safe and sound. He really enjoyed his week away but is pleased to be home. He especially enjoyed opening his 18th birthday presents :D

I've had a good day today and started it off with doing my exercise DVD first thing, which set me up lovely for the day. I can really feel a difference to my legs which feel really strong (if that makes sense!!).

I cooked a lovely roast dinner and had my mum and dad over, which went well. Believe me, my mother is hard work sometimes. She is very over powering, but she was on her best behaviour tonight.

I have gone a little bit over my syns today, but I will just make up for it tomorrow. Anyway, your son is only 18 once!!

I had a good start to the day by getting up at 7.45am to do my exercise DVD as I know I wouldn't have time during the day. I prefer doing exercise in the morning as it really does get you going for the rest of the day, but when it is in the week I just don't have time. I would have to get up at 5.00am and I'm good for nothing at that time of the day!!!

I made some SW quiche for the first time yesterday and it was bloody GORGEOUS!!! I put peppers, spring onion and bacon in it and then melt some cheese on top. Really impressed and even DH and DD really liked it.

I had a job interview in the evening, just for bar work at a local pub, so fingers crossed. I could really do with some extra money as the kid are bleeding me dry at the moment and DS is off to uni in October, so it will be even worse then!!!

I didn't finish the day off well though as I was absolutely knackered in the evening and just had a bowl of shreddies with hot milk and took them to bed with me at 7.30pm. I hadn't used any syns during the day, so I'm sure it will be fine.

Well, off to football now (I'm a big supporter of Oxford United). Let's hope we get a win today.

I'm looking forward to Chilli tonight when I get back :D

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