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  1. <<harmony>>

    <<harmony>> New Member

    Has anyone has hypnotherapy with Marissa Peer? If so, how effective was it?
    Views on her book 'you can be thin' are especially welcome! thanks =)
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  3. peri

    peri New Member

    The best book EVER it works like nothing else

    I read her book and cannot recomend it highly enough
    It works in an odd way in that you dont even know its working but somehow it changes the way you think about food. It has done something for me that no other diet or book has ever done it has freed me from thinking and obsessing about food. Now I just eat when I am hungry and I dont want junk food at all (previously unheard off I was a junk food junkie).
    I did not kow it was possible to be uninterested in chocolate and crisps. I have to say it is the best book ever and not just because I have lost 20 lbs in 6 weeks but because it is so easy .
    The cd does it all for you , you just have to play it and it changes everything.
    get it and it will change your life and your weight.
    Peri from Camden
  4. daisyinthedust

    daisyinthedust Make a plan, deep breath

    Hi <<harmony>> i too felt curious about Marisa Peer but, being a skint student, couldn't afford to go to a seminar or book a hypnotherapy session. I did however buy and read her book and, smiliarly to peri, am very surprised and pleased with the results (so far!)
    Additionally, i have recently begun a blog documenting how i have found the process, how my attitude has changed and more importantly how much weight i am shedding
    You might want to have a look?
    If you do, here's the link daisy in the dust - the Marisa Peer experimentBest wishes and good luck!!
  5. Shrinking girl

    Shrinking girl Full Member

    I'm also reading the book and I've found it tremendously helpful. The vast majority of what she says makes sense, but I do disagree with her views on dairy and wheat products.

    I think that her book is written using NLP, which is how it is able to effect changes in you--she does say in the introduction that the book is a form of hypnosis and the CD reinforces it once you're done with the book.

    I've certainly felt very in control of my eating, despite putting myself in situations which would normally send me running towards the fridge/larder. On the two occasions where I have felt the need to comfort eat, I've been conscious that eating is a choice and both times have chosen not to eat and carry on getting thinner.

    Definitely worth a read :)
  6. Janet2000

    Janet2000 New Member

    Marisa Peer has a Blog!

    Have you seen Marisa's blog? People who have been to her seminar or had private sessions with her have left some comments there...
  7. Loopy_Lou

    Loopy_Lou Just about on the wagon!

    Hi all, I just wanted to add my thoughts on Marisa Peer's book in case they were useful to you. :D

    I've been dieting most of my adult life, and have tried WW, SW, CD, hip and thigh, Atkins, you name it! They all work while you're on them, but then I put all the weight back on, and more! In other words none of them have ever addressed why I'm overweight in the first place with the result that I am now 5'3" and up to a few weeks ago was 14s 4lbs!!! :eek: Most recently I did CD, and 2 years ago I lost nearly 4st on it, but over the past year I've put it all back on and more! I've tried about 5 times to restart on CD, but as I said above they never address the problems for me - don't get me wrong though as many many people have lost weight successfully with all of the above diets, just not me.

    So I tried a hypnotherapist before Christmas last year, and for £70 per session she did help me visualise getting slimmer, but again once I stopped going (too expensive!) the old habits returned.

    I had seen Marisa Peers when she was on Supersize Superskinny as part of the bit where the journalist would test a new 'fad' each week, and this was the only one where she lost weight without thinking about it. I enquired about having a 1-2-1 session but due to the price could not afford it. I then found out about the book and bought that. I read it a month ago, and since then I have dropped 12lbs and I really don't feel I've dieted or anything! I just don't want to eat crap! I also thought the bit on milk and wheat was a bit strong, but to be honest I've always had a problem with bread - I could eat a whole loaf previously! - and when I have dairy I get a funny tummy, so for me it's better to cut them out completely.

    I feel I've got complete control, and I'm practising the visualisation every night. I'm also in the gym every weekday at 6:45 which previously was unheard of! I was going to the gym once every 6 months or thereabouts, but I find now when my alarm goes off, rather than thinking "stuff it, I can sleep for another hour" as I used to do, I think positive things and how much good it is doing me and how I'm becoming the size I want to be every single day!

    For anyone with the money, I would imagine that a session 1-2-1 would be brilliant, but for anyone who can't, then the book is fabulous. You just have to concentrate on reading it and doing the exercises in it. I read a chapter every night in bed so I could think about it as I fell asleep and hopefully have it go into my subconscious quickly!

    Hope this helps!!


    L xx
  8. daisyinthedust

    daisyinthedust Make a plan, deep breath

    Oh here you are! lol
    Thanks for posting that, i think it's so interesting to see how it works for people with different dieting backgrounds and seeing the similarities as well!
    Good luck to you and well done on your 12lb drop so far!!
    Daisy xx
  9. dehli

    dehli Silver Member

    Looks good, I'll have to buy it. Thanks!
  10. shrinkingannie

    shrinkingannie Gold Member

    I read about her book here on mini's and I have to say I think it has changed the way I eat forever. It just seemed to make so much sense to me and I suddenly dont feel like I am on a diet I just feel like I am eating healthy for life and that my body will find its own ideal weight. I suffered from bulemia for years and although I am now recovered I still have bad habits and attitudes to food and I still binge and purge very occasionaly , but her book has changed that, I have never felt so content and in control of my diet, I have even less desire to weigh myself - unheard of for me!

    I highly recommend it !!
  11. daisyinthedust

    daisyinthedust Make a plan, deep breath

    Wow shrinkingannie that's so encouraging to hear that other people have had good experiences with MP too!
    Congrats on the pregnancy too, & now that you've been, educated i guess, about a healthy attitude to eating i bet your pregnancy goes really well without the pounds!lol
    Let us know how everything goes?
    Daisy xx
  12. Dom1979

    Dom1979 Gold Member

    Have just ordered this book - tried to look at your blog daisy, but it wasn't there!
  13. daisyinthedust

    daisyinthedust Make a plan, deep breath

  14. Angelmouse

    Angelmouse New Member

    Totally agree - i have the book and am on my 6th day with the CD. It has done wonders for me so far, barring last nights pizza and chocolate slip up, but that was all down to TOTM. I got awful PMT :break_diet:and HAD to have it - glue or no glue!
  15. That's_So_Fetch

    That's_So_Fetch Gold Member

    Can anyone tell me the title of this book? Thanks xx
  16. daisyinthedust

    daisyinthedust Make a plan, deep breath

    It's called You Can Be Thin: The Ultimate Programme to End Dieting...forever & here's the link to it on amazon!
    Let us know how you go with it if you buy it! :)
  17. That's_So_Fetch

    That's_So_Fetch Gold Member

    Thanks hun, i'll probably get it when i pop into town this week. I hope its as good as everyone has said it is. xx
  18. *Sparkles*

    *Sparkles* **2015 is my Year!**

    my book came this morning from amazon! I hope it works! x
  19. moll1980

    moll1980 New Member

    I am waiting on my book to arrive from Amazon, I ordered it yesterday. I have read so many reviews and cannot wait to start. However, with enthusiasm comes worry as I have tried so many different diets, from WW, SW, Lighterlife, Gym, Tesco shakes, diet supplements prescribed and un-prescribed, I have done the Muriji chair and this worked but was expensive and hard to fit in to my life, Hypnotherapy (one session). I am worried that all this failure is going to be the story of my life no matter what I do. I am a successful mother and wife, and I have three children whom I adore and I want to keep healthy for but everytime I fail on this quest. I am currently 219lbs and my aim is to get to 140lbs at least as I am 5ft 5inches. I am 31 yrs old and spent my 20's overweight but now I am at my heaviest now....any ideas whether you think Marisa Peer will be able to overcome my food and chocolate addiction and help me get into the driving seat!!!!

  20. Wrinkly

    Wrinkly Recovering chocoholic.

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