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this time - the last time

Hope everyone had a good weekend.
Glad my stressful trip is over. Doing AAM this week (one week early - week 11) helped me survive the three days away. It seems to have done good on the scales too - down 3lb this week already (and I don't WI until Thursday evening). So fingers crossed that continues.

Almost at power plate class now, then followed by a long day at work I fear.

Good luck to everyone with a WI today.
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Why Be Normal?
Hi JK,

Thanks for starting the thread.

I am jealous that you have a proper Powerplates class near you. I've not been able to find one. The local leisure centre has one power plate machine, but that's it.

I am off to my CDC's in a few (and hoping to show ANY loss). I am suspecting I will be a stay the same, based on my sneak peak using home scales yesterday. *sigh*

Then, it'll be Zumba and home to get some housework, errands, etc. accomplished. I am behind, as always. I think the Peter walsh book may be in the post -- I have pick up notice. So, decluttering may be on the horizon.

I'll do aquafit tonight. I did Fitness Pilates last week just before Zumba and that was fine and I liked the class, but then I was too shattered for Aquafit. So, I'd rather do Aquafit tonight. And, then I'll do Fitball tomorrow.

I seem to be cramming all my classes into the beginning of the week and I should really work on an every other day rountine. New ARC -- find a more evenly balanced fitness programme.

I hope everyone has a good day!

Morning everyone!

Hope you all had a good weekend. I had a rubbish day on saturday, but im not going to beat myself over it, back on track yesterday!
I lost 9lbs at my wi on friday (normal wi day is tue) so very happy with that!

Got my Shred dvd in the post saturday, sat and watched the first workout yesterday, wonder if just watching it has any benefit :rolleyes: Am looking forward to starting it next week, although I may have a go later this week. Im only on week 2 of SS+ so dont want too start anything to hard till next week.

Ive been walking everyday, and in a couple of weeks will start the 5k training plan in preparation for the Race for Life in June.
Ive also enterered a half marathon in sept, a bit ambitious, but I always work better if Ive a goal other than just the weight one.

Have a great day :D

Ellie xx
Got my Shred dvd in the post saturday, sat and watched the first workout yesterday, wonder if just watching it has any benefit :rolleyes:
hehehe me too I've watched it twice now! Though I remember one study scientists did to test whether thinking about exercise actually has any effect, and it did!! All be it small...I think it raises your heart rate a bit and stuff, so basically you've done a workout already ;) and i've done 2!!!! :D haha!

I am thrilled to have lost 2lbs after a MAJORLY naughty week (though the WI was for the last 2 weeks so 1lb a week really) and by that I mean, sweets, choccies, toast, whole PACK of cheddars (not the mini ones!!!) and more.... back on track now and pleased that the scales have at least gone in the right direction. I was expecting a right ass-whooping from my CDC but she was lovely and just emphasised how I'd done so well already, how nice is that?

So that got my day off to a good start. She wants me on 810 now though as I want to exercise, and I'm torn about that...but she reckons I could lose the same amount with the exercise I do, and whilst eating! So I'ma give it a shot. At starbucks now and gonna head off to Curves in a bit (LOVE Curves) after i've made some headway in my essay which is in on Thurs (along with another which I haven't even begun! :eek: :cry:

Oh and I'm going to have to be a very good girlfriend tonight as my OH just failed his motorbike test and he is gutted - hes rebooked it for Fri so hopefully second time lucky but I am going to have to be very sensitive around him, I think!

Anyhoo thats all from me! xx


Why Be Normal?
Got my Shred dvd in the post saturday, sat and watched the first workout yesterday, wonder if just watching it has any benefit
@Ellie, If "watching" fitness TV worked... I'd be an Olympic athlete! ;)
OMG -- 9 pounds!!! The last time I lost 9 pounds that fast, I gave birth to a baby! Impressive!

@Loveablemonkey -- Good luck with the essay! And congrats on the 2 pounds off!



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I am looking forward to Monday being over I am tired after a very long day @ work and keep having to stop myself nibbling on things when making tea tonight for some strange reason.

I started week 9 yesterday & it's been 100 percent no trouble so I don't know what is up with me as not felt like nibbling before.

Anyhow not had anything I should not have had so having a coffee & then it's off to bed soon for some well needed sleep.

Roll on Tuesday :D

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