Marylyn's mistake 7 CD's too much!


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
I'm sorry if I misled anyone, but I shouldn't have been having 7 shakes.

I spoke to CD HQ and was advised to stick with the 3 shakes and eat some normal food.

This is what I am doing now.

Once again, sorry if I gave anyone the wrong idea. It won't have done any harm to me, but I mustn't do it again.

I've slapped my wrists.

Marylyn xxx:eek:

This may be a stupid question but why is it so bad? is it vitamin overload or something?

I have often been know to have an extra one if it stops me eating something else, now you have me worried! lol
Hi Fi & Kazz

The CD HQ lady said that 3 shakes provided all the nutrients I would need. As I am 5ft 8in I am allowed to have 4 if I want to.

She didn't go into any more detail other than what I have mentioned above. When I asked if I would have done any harm to myself by having 7 shakes, she said that I wouldn't have done, but she advised me not to do this again.

I can only presume that if the 3 CD diets provide all the nutrients we require then there may be a possibility of consuming an overload of vitamins and minerals if the diets are taken in excess. There is such a thing as having too much of a good thing.

For instance, through some blood test I had taken last year it was found that I was anaemic. I was prescribed iron and my blood was healthy again in a month. I was advised to stop taking the iron tablets and my blood continued to be monitored throughout the Lipotrim study. It stayed at the right level and I was told I didn't need to take any more iron.

The thing is I am vulnerable to becoming anaemic and my GP has said he will test for anaemia again.

We do need to be careful with vitamins, because too much of these can be harmful.

Anyway, as far as the CD diets are concerned I wouldn't get too alarmed. Just follow their guidelines and if you have any particular concerns I'm sure one of the experts at Cambridge will put your mind at rest.

Marylyn xx