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Me again !! sorry i need help :)



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Try soya milk - way low in carbs, much lower than milk


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i have normal milk just count it in my carbs x
ditto x
I just made myself drink black coffee - they say after 17 times you begin to like it - now I dont like milk in it !! Try alternate times to get used to it black !!


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I just put whole milk in mine. Figure I must use about 20ml per cup, and I count that in.


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i use soya, experimented with lots of brands until i found the lidl one doesn't curdle, the rest do. took a little getting used to, but now i prefer it.


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Excellent idea J2blue!!! I'm just wondering would whole milk ones be even lower carbs again!?!
I think whole milk has 4.7g carbs so they wouldn't work out that much less (0.56g). What it would do though is make the tea 'milkier' without adding more carbs because I used to use about 40ml of skimmed milk I reckon! Now a 12ml semi skimmed stick makes it seem really strong but I do like strong tea so am getting used to it.

They sell the dairystix (semi skimmed only) at tesco, 20 for 1.50. I also bought some lacto free milk portions (5x 20ml) as that milk has 2.7g carbs per 100ml but it had a strange taste which I didn't like.

Whole milk sticks might be the way to go!
i agree with the black coffee growing on u its actually lovely (thought i NEED sweetner) but i actually never realised how strict u must be about milk i didnt think to count it before. i have maybe 2 teas a day.... point duely noted

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